Red Defender

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A Red Defender of the Ad Council Side.
Red Defender
Race: Speculation: Men
Class: Speculation:Knight
Special: Speculation:Flying


In LIAB Text 50, Artemis remembers when she was instrumental in saving Prince Forthewin from an Ad Council Red Defender, implying this is a class of soldier rather than a single person. Looking over the references to Red Defender on the internet, one quote is: "Like an arrow shot from a man-sized bow, the Red Defender hurtles into space ...", so apparently a Red Defender is capable of flight. Another game involves the Red Defender uprooting a tree and throwing it at a meteor, or throwing a portacabin at a meteor or throwing a car at a meteor, so a Red Defender apparently has a great deal of strength, and may actually be a Heavy unit. The speculation that a Red Defender is a Knight class unit is tied to a super-hero being a "knight in shining armor" to rescue damsels in distress and "save the day". Red Defender also fights Dr. Devious, who may show up affiliated with the Ad Council, as well as rescuing the gold reserve. The main website of is unavailable now, but there is a mini-website on that mentions "one pint saves three lives". It would not be surprising that as well as flight and super-strength, a Red Defender also has Healomancy.

Real World

In 2006, the Advertising Council joined with AABB, America’s Blood Centers and the American Red Cross in a blood-donation campaign when they created an animated superhero, “The Red Defender,” which was part of a campaign to educate young donors of the importance of regular blood donation in an essential objective for the blood community,” said ABC CEO Jim MacPherson. “We hope that the ‘Red Defender’ will resonate with 17-24 year-olds, inspiring them to become everyday superheroes by making life-saving blood donations.”

The animator of the ads in the campain JJ Sedelmaier, well-known for his work on Saturday Night Live’s TV Funhouse and cutting-edge commercial animation, such as Speed Racer, Slim Jim, FootJoy, Hotwire, etc.