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Proposed Canon

When a city falls into the hands of an enemy side, the conquering side can choose to sack the city, reducing its level and giving the sacking side an immediate increase in their treasury. Going even further, a side can raze a city, effectively ending it and leaving behind a city site. The resulting site is similar to ruins and can randomly pop Barbarian units, gems, and Magic Items. The city site may be claimed by any side and rebuilt.

The cities of Kona and Progrock, both of which were level three before they were sacked, provided Faq's treasury with 20,000 and 40,000 shmuckers respectively. This would seem to indicate that there are modifiers that haven't been mentioned yet.

A Side can sack its own Cities if the need arises.[citation needed]


Sacking may be a form of Natural Dirtamancy available only to Rulers, and implementable by Warlords they authorize to use it.

Instances of Sacking In Comic