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Slately settles a dis-pew-t.

Proposed Canon

The Ray Gun is a gun Magic Item made with Dollamancy out of the Royal scepter of Jetstone. Ace Hardware created it with a trigger word, "Pew", meant to be said when using the item. It's very similar to prince Ossomer's Bracer Blaster.

It uses Shockamancy to shoot rays that injure targets as a ranged attack. This item does not require the user to possess any archery specials.

As a magical attack, its shots can be absorbed by the Staff of Suckage. Though the staff got destroyed in the process.

It was a key part of equipping King Slately when attacking a group of Archons, along with the Thinking Cap, magic cape, Jetpack, and Signamancy war paint. It's currently owned by King Tramennis.

Real World References

Rayguns are a common staple of science fiction.