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The Rand is a unit of currency used in the Magic Kingdom. It is not a physical coin or treasure, but a barter credit that is stored as a unit stat specific to casters. Casters in the Magic Kingdom can offer their services or created scrolls to other casters in exchange for Shmuckers, but more often it is done for Rands.

One rand will pay the upkeep of one caster for one turn.

Proposed Canon

Rands are only used between casters.

Rands were developed as a way to limit the power of Moneymancers in the Magic KingdomLIAB Text 1; by existing outside their sphere of influence, Moneymancers can't alter the market of Rands in their own favor.

One Rand can be used to pay the upkeep of a caster for one turn.


List of values in Rands used in the comic:

  • Sizemore promised Janis 8 Rands for teaching him Hippiemancy, and gave her twenty. The twenty seemed to be intended as an especially generous gift, because he didn't expect to survive.Erf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG
  • Janis promised any Master-class Thinkamancers 50 Rands each for unraveling the Maggie-Wanda-Sizemore. Thinkmancers did unravel the link but declined the reward. Erf-b1-p140Same-site.PNG
  • The Hippiemancers paid Gobwin Knob 6 Rands plus 1 meal for Parson and all of his troops stationed in the Magic Kingdom, for 1 full turn worth of Sizemore's juice, plus a smaller amount of magic from Ace. Hvs.tCF 79


A caster can convert some of the Shmuckers in his purse into rands to get around the normal limits on warlord purse sizes.

Rands are made from Shmuckers and cost a little more than the upkeep of any normal caster.

Real-World References

  • Possible reference to Ayn Rand. If so, this might be a sign that the Magic Kingdom operates under meritocratic principles.
  • May also be a reference to the real-world currency of South Africa of the same name (though the pluralisation is different).
  • Could also be tied into a Janice Rand[1] (from Star Trek) reference, since the first use of the currency was when Sizemore paid Janis for hippiemancy lessons.
  • May be a reference to Rand Holmes[2], an underground comic book artist who lived on Lasqueti Island (notable as a counterculture enclave) and who designed a cannabis-themed currency[3] ($10 Canadian) for the island.
  • May be a reference to James Randi, who famously debunks the existence of magic-types and offers prize money to anyone who can demonstrate supernatural ability under testing conditions, thereby literally paying for magic.
  • May also be a reference to the leading character of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, Rand[4]al'Thor.
  • May be random, pun intended.
  • May refer to RAND, the multi-disciplinary think tank