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Quotes from Vinny Doombats

Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob

Sure thing, yer Honor. - TBFGK 22

You control one of the Arkentools, too, right? Don't they cancel each other out or somethin'? - TBFGK 22

But what I can't figure out is, why are you leadin' this fight? - TBFGK 34

Yeah, he's bad news. I got that. He attacked us, he hit the Elves, he rubbed out the Milquetoast Clan. I dunno what he did to Zamussels. - TBFGK 34

It could be. But it's the royalty thing, ain't it? - TBFGK 34

You don't like that he was common infantry. - TBFGK 34

You don't see me wearing my crest, and hittin' people over the head with my title. - TBFGK 34

One more time to charge to Zamussels' rescue, Prince? Or are you goin' there to croak her with yer bare hands? - TBFGK 42

Arright, an easy one, then. Do you trust me? - TBFGK 42

Trouble, boss. Big. - TBFGK 49

I'd do a flippin maypole dance if I believed it. - TBFGK 52

Now, I ain't a Mathamancer. - TBFGK 52

Crap, they do some real damage that way. They could beat us by losin. - TBFGK 52

Yep, lost it. - TBFGK 56

Then we charge. Abso-flippin-lutely. - TBFGK 59

Titans' testes! - TBFGK 59

It's EMPTY. - TBFGK 59

[Options] We gotta couple. You won't like em. - TBFGK 62

Option 1: The Flight. - TBFGK 62

I think this trap was for you, Boss. - TBFGK 62

Option 2: The Stand. - TBFGK 62

Yeah well, fergive me. But where most of you Jetstones've got a stick lodged, that one's got a whole Gump. - TBFGK 68

I ain't got a lotta patience fer quotin' Scripture, but I do believe the Titans have a plan. - TBFGK 68

Butcha know what? I don't care. If we're standing in front of the Titans tomorrow night, I'll tell em, "I croaked five dwagons on the same turn. Five. And my boss here just nailed two warlords. So let us both into the City of Heroes please, thank you." - TBFGK 73

Mm. Two and counting. - TBFGK 73

Ayyyyyyy. - TBFGK 73

Would you believe her if you hadn't just spotted her stack inbound? - TBFGK 80

Boss, I know he was pullin' on yer tail but, um... You just shoulda heard yourself. - TBFGK 93

You cling to that "Titanic mandate" pretty hard, you know? - TBFGK 93

We're gonna have about a two-cask talk when we meet again, arright? - TBFGK 93

Mayybe three. - TBFGK 93

'Course, Don. Of course. - TBFGK 99

Plus... he's a rat. It's just what he'd do. - TBFGK 99

Fugeddaboutit, Don. We're gonna dance on his little square head. - TBFGK 99

So izzat why you came out, Chief? Change to croak an Overlord? - TBFGK 107

Heh. Transylvito style. - TBFGK 113

Don't write off the bats. Sure, unled Doombats are real weak. - TBFGK 113

And we have a flippin' ton of bats. Hundreds. - TBFGK 113

Aw. Aw, man. Caesar! It's Foolamancy! He's still in the hex somewhere! - TBFGK 115

... Nobody's. - TBFGK 115

So that's... how it's gonna be. No goin' after him. - TBFGK 138

Caesar, step off! - TBFGK 139

Hey. Hey! Hey you're the only one grievin' right now, right? Right?! Izzat what you think? - TBFGK 139

One of these days, Carpool was gonna load up that city with something nasty and veiled, and bite their faces off. - TBFGK Epilogue 11

[Are you doing that to get on my nerves?] No. But if I were, you would prob'ly deserve it. - TBFGK Epilogue 14

If y'd prefer to listen, I have a rant prepared. I don't usually do that, but this is a pretty good one. - TBFGK Epilogue 14

But it would be nice if you could pretend to be a person instead of an animal when you meet him. - TBFGK Epilogue 14

My problem is that I'm about ta come home from a mission that completely failed, and say, 'Heyyy, King! Meet my new friend here!' And you're gonna walk right inta the royal court and blow yer nose on the drapes. - TBFGK Epilogue 14

Everywhere you looked, there was something sharp, something hard, something that could croak you. Just beautiful. - TBFGK Epilogue 17

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

Hey. I think we should go meet the neighbors. - LIAB Prologue 28

If and when he ever left this gig, he guessed he would miss Jillian first, the hat a close second, and...not much else. - LIAB Epilogue 21

Book 3: Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot

Without anybody from home to keep you grounded, you could start buyin' into some other side's nuttiness and drama. This was especially true around Queen Jillian's Faq. - Hvs.tCF 38

There were at least two reasons he'd never want to fight Jillian. For one thing, he still cared for her, as mean and crazy as she might be. And also, she could kick his can pretty good. - Hvs.tCF 38

It was one of those two-back stacks[...] - Hvs.tCF 38

Ooooooof. - Hvs.tCF 62

Nice catch, Prince! - Hvs.tCF 63

You'd fit right in back at home. They'd love ya there. - Hvs.tCF 64

That bothers you... but that doesn't? - Hvs.tCF 64

A critical miss... in yer specialty... in a training exercise... leading to the critical incapacitation of a friendly unit? I ain't no Mathamancer, but what is that, about a one in fifty thousand accident? Hundred thousand? Whatever, it takes a special kind of bad-at-what-you-do. - Hvs.tCF 64

So which is it, y'Highness? Did you hit him on purpose? Or did you miss? - Hvs.tCF 64

Terrible commander, but a great shot. - Hvs.tCF 64

It's good to know you got some sympathy, y'Highness. But ain't it kinda misplaced? - Hvs.tCF 64

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