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Quotes from Tramennis

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

I cheated of course. - LIAB Prologue 19

Ossomer, I told you they were marching here for tea. And we haven't nearly enough quince tarts for this crowd. - LIAB 3

Used how? - LIAB 3

Oh what he said. Double the dog bowels. - LIAB 3

Oh! Oh, that zinged him, Ossomer. I saw his hair move. - LIAB 4

[Do you ever tire of being right, Tramennis?] Mm. It's been less of a treat lately, I'll admit. - LIAB 7

The Fate of the world shall be such as the world deserves. But not so with each one of us. - LIAB 12

Hold it up for me. I'm all schmutzed up. - LIAB 12

Can't even scratch my nose, but I'm leading the army. - LIAB 12

You seem bent on spending your last moments in this world with your thumbs jammed into the thumbscrews of guilt, and turning them as hard as you can... which is impossible, I realize... but that analogy had a lot more promise when I started this sentence, and it seemed likely to end with a witty bon mot about screwing yourself. - LIAB Text 15

I think music is a more interesting creation than I am, at any rate. - LIAB Text 15

I've always suspected that perhaps it's up to us to improve upon it. - LIAB Text 15

The order of the day, Duke, shall be the ending of lives in pain, terror, and confusion! - LIAB Text 15

If you look closely at this handwriting, you can actually see the poor scribe cowering. - LIAB 24

That's ominous. - LIAB 26

Turnabout is not only fair, it's also quite fun. - LIAB 29

... Like to hope I'd be half the queen she is. - LIAB 31

Home from the war! Well, not really, the war's here too, of course. - LIAB 35

Yes, well you don't have the warrior son for Chief Warlord now. You've got the diplomat. And I care to understand what's actually going on. - LIAB 37

Interesting that you'd say "it." - LIAB 41

Yes, I can multiply, thank you. - LIAB 41

What, behind the potato? - LIAB 41

[You know, I think you just want to talk to this Warlord.] Well, he's fascinating. - LIAB 43

I mean, he terrifies Charlie! - LIAB 44

Come! What's the worst that could happen? - LIAB 44

Brother, it pains me to see you this way. Ansom! Now Ansom could, admittedly, pull off the scarlet-and-black. But I'm sorry, that is an atrocious look on you. - LIAB 46

We will see if he is some kind of supreme warrior, Titanically gifted with the holy light of battle shining upon him from above... Or if he- Or if he is... in fact, lower than Stanley! - LIAB 47

Well, he can't have a "few minutes", Captain! - LIAB 58

You're alive. I'm alive! You look grotesque. - LIAB 84

Do you mean to tell me that you were late in descending the tower because you were putting on your make-up? - LIAB 84

That's an order this time. It was last time, too, as I recall... - LIAB 88

Father. Doubles don't leave a body. - LIAB 88

Anything at all? You are my father. If the Titans themselves are worth anything at all, then they’ll have a parade for you every day. With bright paper hats and puppets and a dancing bear. Tell them I said so! - LIAB Text 57

Singing and dancing bear. They’re the Titans, they can flipping-well arrange as much! - LIAB Text 57

We cannot deny such to a King. - LIAB 95

I must tell you, I am attempting to be brave. And I am failing quite miserably at it. - LIAB Epilogue 22

In the meantime, perhaps you could prepare another dossier for me... you know, outlining all seventeen layers of strategic subterfuge you employed today. Spell out for me just how cleverly you manipulated all the players in the field. Faq and Haggar, and of course, Jetstone. Then, jot down approximately how—despite all of your brilliant strategic intrigue, General—how we lost my father, my brother, a caster, and the capital, and yet failed to secure the one enemy asset you insisted was worth any price. - LIAB Epilogue 24

Book 3: Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot