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Quotes from King Slately

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

She took another of my sons. - LIAB 12

In every reign there comes one night of greatest blackness, when a King must send away his court of flatterers and servants, and sit alone in the dark with the beast called truth. - LIAB Text 9

Truth at court was treated as if it were a precious commodity. It was hoarded, coveted, bartered for. Certainly this analogy applied to lies; his courtiers accepted his lies as currency of the realm. He handed them lies in large denominations, and they returned him his change in small ones. - LIAB Text 9

He knew what Dickie meant to do. Haggar had surely sent her armies not as rescuers, but as scavengers. - LIAB Text 9

Why give a care for a horsefly, when the horse is charging? - LIAB Text 9

His instincts on such matters were keen; this parley had all the appearance of a negotiation. - LIAB Text 14

As trite as it might be, the crown he wore had always felt excessively heavy. - LIAB Text 14

The strong, shining crown was the ideal, and the little fat man the real. - LIAB Text 14

But I confess, Don: even now, my feelings about the Barbarian Queen are ambivalent. - LIAB 35

He was never much inclined... to lead, I guess. - LIAB 35

Ossomer certainly didn't need to consult the enemy before every battle. - LIAB 37

That is one word for him. - LIAB 43

You know, I think you just want to talk to this Warlord. - LIAB 43

[What's the worst that could happen?] The worst? The Titans could hear you ask such a question. - LIAB 44

A king need not trot. - LIAB Text 33

No unipegataur-riding warrior king was he, no towering leader and orator. Over the three-thousand or so turns he had ruled, he had only once seen battle, and that from a well-guarded turret. And so he had shrunk. Gone white and fat. - LIAB Text 33

He traveled with courtiers as ambassador-at-large, an unusual role for a Royal unit, but how it had paid off! If one did the Mathamancy, Slately supposed that Tramennis may have earned his upkeep more than any of his siblings. Hm. - LIAB Text 33

Tradition held that the Chief Warlord made the hard decisions, and the King saw only to the management of Shmuckers and other assets, such as deployment of artifacts and casters. - LIAB Text 33

Such was the worth of the king's currency, and Slately spent his lies well. - LIAB Text 33

Are they croaking their own mounts? - LIAB 50

Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances. - LIAB 52

I know how we have come to this point. And it has nothing to do with the will of the Titans. - LIAB 53

You see, I always chose the wrong son to lead. - LIAB 53

If he croaked today, might he be allowed to see her again in the hereafter? Would the Titans judge him so kindly? Could it be his final reward to know love again? - LIAB Text 42

So who cares if he's a— If his Signamancy is less...than manly. - LIAB Text 42

Bea... I haven't wanted to talk of her with you. You must know why. I... haven't felt worthy of speaking her name. - LIAB Text 42

[It was a hard thing she did.] It was a Noble thing she did! - LIAB Text 42

Help me to honor honor itself. - LIAB Text 42

He stared down at the crown, waiting for it to rumble, so that he could conjure the borrowed gem.
He stared into the velvet interior.
He stared.

  1. - LIAB Text 48

Each second costs the life of a Jetstone unit. Lie to me again, and the next will be your own. What is a better plan? - LIAB Text 48

Caution won't save me. - LIAB 69

Pah. What would you know of such things now, enemy puppet? - LIAB 69

Then show me this much, son. Stay right where you are now. Stand fast, and be speedily dispatched! - LIAB 72

Mm, and what about war paint? I told you I want fearsome Signamancy! - LIAB 72

No, I'll not retreat now. We sh'll fight them. - LIAB 76

[You would risk the entire Kingdom?] I would save my Kingdom! - LIAB 76

You have worn the enemy's colors this day. Tell me, son of Jetstone, do you not also bear something for which you must atone? - LIAB 76

Titans... pew! Made us... BETTER than that! Pew pew. Better than YOU! - LIAB 79

Great Titans! This is what it is like to be alive! [shot of his corpse] - LIAB 80

[You look grotesque.] Thank you, son. That was the idea. - LIAB 84

I must speak with Charlescomm. Whatever else is– Whatever I am. - LIAB 89

Then it is true. I am the double. - LIAB 89

What must I do? To save Jetstone? Tell me, Charlie, and I will believe you. - LIAB 89

Unfortunately, yet another son of Jetstone much be must be sacrificed for it. - LIAB 91

The crown... requires more of you than merely that. Hmh. Well. Kneel, Prince Tramennis. No, the crown demands you bear it. - LIAB 91

Here in an unremarkable spot, they were free to be themselves. King and Heir. Father and son. It was perhaps the most awkward moment of Slately’s long life. - LIAB Text 57

I must tell you something. The stories... the reason why Royals are superior, it is true. It is true! We are the Titans’ chosen people. They put us here in the world first, to rule. And they ennobled us, made us greater. That is no lie. You must believe it, and be true to Royal ideals. Whatever happens, you mustn’t lower yourself! You mustn’t debase yourself, or Jetstone. Promise me!

  • [I do so promise, father.]

This business with the Arkentools... it has consumed me. But I think that perhaps I have misunderstood. It cannot be the Titans’ will that these cretins and knaves shall conquer us. No. But we must accept the truth of it. They have this power. And to survive it, we must be our greater selves. Let Charlie scheme, let Stanley connive and bully. Let that Croakamancer witch try her best to corrupt what is good in the world! Ours is only to cleave to our ideals, in word and deed. Our failures have only been within our own hearts.

  • [I don’t believe Ansom’s fall was a failure of spirit... he was deceived. Ossomer, too, was slain ignobly.]

Ossomer turned back! He knew his failure and reversed its course! As I go now to do, with my final act. And I shall strike down the one who deceived Ansom!

  1. - LIAB Text 57

I wonder if I shall see him... I wonder if, being a duplicate, I shall be anything at all. - LIAB Text 57

Tramennis' flippant humor had annoyed him countless times. At this moment, though, he finally understood it. At this moment, it was just the right thing. - LIAB Text 57

We’ve never once embraced, you know. Not ever. - LIAB Text 57

Men of Jetstone, those who will stay and fight with me now, and those who will follow to serve under your new King, know this: we fight as one. We fight for love of the Titans. We fight for love of the Crown, and love for those who have ruled and served and fought before us. We fight for love of our side, and for love of one another. The way of Jetstone is one of purity, nobility, dignity, and good, while the enemy knows only hatred and corruption! Feel it in your hearts now, Jetstone! Love is our strength! Love is why we fight! Love is why we must prevail! Love is our battlefield! - LIAB Text 57

Yes, well... I suppose... I have never been the sort of Ruler you wanted, either. Strange thought. - LIAB 93

Holly Shortcake was very dear to me, you know. - LIAB 93

How faithless! You don't know they will fall. - LIAB 95

Mmph. Are you always so pessimistic? - LIAB 95

Hurt them. - LIAB 96

There's the Lord of Hamsters himself. Large and terrible. Yet I do not fear him. - LIAB 103

A word? [What word would-] Pew. - LIAB 103

Unnrh? Ace? No... Just... Just close your mouth when you fight. - LIAB 103

Go on, Hamster. Take your prize. - LIAB 106

Magic Words

Pinochet. - LIAB Text 42

Pew! - LIAB 77