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Quotes from Sizemore Rockwell

Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob

Take ten. No... twenty. - TBFGK 11

You know me, Lady. I'm good at nothing beyond my specialty. But I do love to study everything. - TBFGK 13

Heavy. - TBFGK 13

When life gives you crap, make Crap Golems, right? - TBFGK 13

Well. I suppose Lady Firebaugh did her best. But doomed is doomed. - TBFGK 35

This... is called a "chamber pot." [Magic item?] You wish. [Boop.] Exactly! - TBFGK 35

Bogroll's got a good heart. It's really not a typical trait for a Twoll. [That doesn't answer my-] Yes, you should probably be afraid. - TBFGK 36

I don't think you're stupid, Warlord. I really don't. So I'm forced to believe you're crazy. - TBFGK 76

But yes. I've spent many a boring turn down here. - TBFGK 78

ImInUrDirtz: Excessive force. Got it, Warlord. - TBFGK 87

Oh, wow. Uhm, good- G-good job, guys. - TBFGK 87

You don't understand me at all, Warlord. I'm not thinking about the end of my life. I'm thinking about ending the lives of others. - TBFGK 102

Your plan will succeed. Or it will fail. By Fate and by Luck and by Numbers. - TBFGK 102

Then I think... I think I have to hate you. - TBFGK 102

ImInUrDirtz: We broke the leadership. It's turning into a rout down here. - TBFGK 112

This is a Level 1 city now, Warlord! We're so porous, anyone can walk in! - TBFGK 133

Touch the mountain's heart. - TBFGK 135

Chief Butcher. - TBFGK 141

I really thought he was different from other Warlords, Janis. But... He's so much worse. You don't know what he did... - TBFGK 141

It was magnificent, Warlord. Horrifying, but... I can't describe it. I actually modified the terrain type, like a Titan. - TBFGK 142

I learned more about this place in seconds than in all the rest of my life. - TBFGK 142

If we had bricks. - TBFGK Epilogue 6

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

I like to use my imagination when I can, Warlord. - LIAB Prologue 4

It's utterly fascinating, casting from a link. I just... understand the spell so clearly. - LIAB Prologue 5

Dirtamancers do the big scale projects, tunnels and buildings. And we can make golems. Changemancers mostly do small items. They can enchant objects and do detail work, but they can't make new units. - LIAB Prologue 7

Enough to knock us all flat, Warlord. Even you. - LIAB Prologue 7

Lord Parson studies war the way some of us like to study magic. Only he's good at it. [He's good at war?] Good at studying. - LIAB Text 2

I think we could all learn something from the way he thinks. - LIAB Text 2

Lord Parson doesn't want to lead it. I respect him for that, but I'm also really quite frightened about what will happen to the whole world if he takes command again. - LIAB Text 2

I... can. ... why would I? - LIAB 45

Shoo. Go 'way, dwagon. - LIAB 111

You broke the Magic Kingdom. You brought the war here. - LIAB Epilogue 23

The people here... will never... forgive you. - LIAB Epilogue 23

Everyone here was my friend. Now I'm nothing. It's over. - LIAB Epilogue 23

Book 3: Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot

It's not a building. This is a building. The tower is a tower. - Hvs.tCF 51

The tower is not only Stuff, it is a phenomenon. - Hvs.tCF 52

It's more of a tower now than it was before. - Hvs.tCF 54

It can be. - Hvs.tCF 54

Magic Words

Pozzolana. - TBFGK 112

Lemonparty, Tubgirl, Meatspin... Goatse! - TBFGK 126

Mind the gap. - LIAB 57

Triodide. Inergen. Argonite. - LIAB 111

Halon. Freon... - LIAB 111