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Quotes from Ansom

Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob

So you'll be croaked. Or captured, again... How many times would that make? - TBFGK 8

And Jillian... The offer to meet in my tent is valid through sunrise. - TBFGK 8

Abjuration only. - TBFGK 9

She, um. She doesn't know you're coming. But she might be very grateful. - TBFGK 10

... I would rather face enemy forces in the open, than to pry them out of those defenses. - TBFGK 21

So long as he wields the Arkenhammer, they will defend him to the death. - TBFGK 22

I wield the Arkenpliers. But I am not attuned to them, as Stanley is to his artifact. - TBFGK 22

But against this foe, we will be as the Titans themselves. - TBFGK 22

He has no-one left to command his forces. No-one. - TBFGK 22

I hereby revoke your permission to ask me difficult questions. - TBFGK 42

Oh, now! Our intelligence is not that bad, within the column. - TBFGK 52

It pains me to believe you, Vinny. But I do. - TBFGK 52

And three uncroaked warlords. - TBFGK 56

How... can it be empty? - TBFGK 61

No. He's simply not that bright. - TBFGK 61

Yes, Vinnie. I do. I have total confidence in Commander Zamussels. - TBFGK 80

Extra, special no comment. - TBFGK 80

Astonishing. You spend one turn around Vinnie... - TBFGK 81

Far left. [What?] The smaller fork, with the one stronger tine. That's for the salad. - TBFGK 82

Well. I suppose that you would feel differently if yours had any meaning. - TBFGK 91

Royalty... Is a direct mandate to rule. From the Titans themselves! - TBFGK 91

Listen, Lord Hamster. I am directly descended from those whom the Titans chose to rule. I am stronger, smarter, and more morally fit than those of a lesser station. It is my privilege, and my burden, to lead both man and beast! By what right do you lead? - TBFGK 91

That... is a tiresome bluff, Lord Hamster. - TBFGK 92

Vinny, it... that could be a long time. But yes. Maybe three casks. - TBFGK 93

And... watch Vinny. He can be terribly charming. - TBFGK 93

You have your orders, Webinar, and my faith. You can do this. - TBFGK 97

Hold your ground, Duke Nozzle. - TBFGK 117

Those were my men. And they are my problem. - TBFGK 117

It will be! - TBFGK 117

No Hamster can stop me! - TBFGK 118

Would that I could croak you as many times for it. Once... seems insufficient. - TBFGK 122

Tonight we dine on Lord Stanley's booty! - TBFGK 125

"Royalty. Is. Obsolete." I think not. - TBFGK 131

By strength and by duty and by honor does Royalty lead all, in the Titans' path. There is no other way. Erfworld needs no other way. These qualities which you mock in us have led me to prevail. That is the only rebuttal needed. Kneel. I will have your sword. - TBFGK 131

Ulk! - TBFGK 131

I... What am I? - TBFGK 144

I remember... most things. But I see them all quite differently now.- TBFGK 145

Well! You were correct, of course. - TBFGK 145

My Mistress favors the term 'decrypted, but I cannot help but think of this as having 'popped again.' - TBFGK Epilogue 5

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

He loved her. There was no other word for it. He remembered hating her. He remembered nearly everything from his life as a Prince of Jetstone. None of it mattered. His life was hers, so very literally. And the fact that he knew she valued his life so little only made him love her more. - LIAB Prologue 12

But being alone with Stanley the Tool always seemed to put him in mind of those times when ending this man's life had been all he desired. - LIAB Prologue 21

And while he was still in charge of planning his side's conquests, and they were proceeding gloriously, his Mistress saw fit to vet his plans through... whatever Hamster was. Not Royal nor common, nor holy. Fish nor fowl. A deceiver in the service of the Titans, who might perhaps disbelieve in the Titans' existence. Maddening. - LIAB Prologue 12

A strike. Before they are ready. A direct capital strike. I will simply take Jetstone. - LIAB Prologue 12

Dispel the veil. - LIAB 4

Parson says! - LIAB 6

Says the Caster. How would you know? - LIAB 6

I have. I am home. - LIAB 10

I was that much- I was that severe a tactical distraction? - LIAB Text 28

That's just a basic precaution before engagement, in case of surprise. Really. Extremely basic, Commander. - LIAB Text 43

Rulers shouldn't lead battles, anyway. - LIAB Text 43

But understand this: we do have a will. I choose to serve her, because it is through her that I serve the Titans. So if you think you can convince me to choose otherwise, then try! By all means, try to turn me. But what I have seen so far from you is not a very fine start. - LIAB Text 43

There is glory in all Duty. - LIAB Text 50

[Fine, it's a stupid question.] Well, it is. - LIAB Epilogue 20

Book 3: Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot

I'm sorry! This isn't- - Hvs.tCF 23

I live? *sigh* So I do. The Titans have need of me yet. - Hvs.tCF 26

Or we could deal with Jetstone. Or Faq. - Hvs.tCF 36

I know my brother likes to talk. - Hvs.tCF 36

I still believe peace with Jetstone is possible, Lord Hamster. - Hvs.tCF 41

That's it, Foolamancer. I think... that Ossomer must have believed something, felt that something... was more important than the will of the Titans. He was a... deeply traditional man. He still loved Jetstone. But when I look in my own heart, I feel nothing like that. Not for Jillian, nor for Jetstone, nor for the ideals of Royalty. I only want to see the world ruled by Tools. - Hvs.tCF 50

I am worried that I am already gone. - Hvs.tCF 50

But nothing, Foolamancer. I know these things to be true. I will not forget them. - Hvs.tCF 68

Magic Words

Livingston. - TBFGK 10