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Quotes from Maggie

Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob

Fatigue has begun to be a factor, Lord. - TBFGK 84

Perhaps you are a match for Charlie's strangeness. - TBFGK 88

Your mind is a weapon, Lord. Perhaps our best. - TBFGK 104

The Twoll leveled. ... Twice. - TBFGK 132

There is a feeling. You may no longer notice it. But think of the first spell you ever cast. When you cast within your disclipline, there is a sense of warmth, comfort, familiarity. I want you to relax, and recall that feeling. Find the feel of your discipline, and step inside it. Lose yourself to it. Become your function. - TBFGK 104

And for what it may be worth, I am sorry. - TBFGK 148

It cannot turn a dullard into a genius, or a mouse into a maniac. - TBFGK 148

Thank you, Lord Parson. You are a remarkable warrior. - TBFGK 148

Are you barking mad? - TBFGK Epilogue 9

You have the perfect warlord at your disposal, Lord! And you're going to field the warlord he defeated, no... humiliated in battle? - TBFGK Epilogue 9

He tore apart his enemy piece by piece, sapping their resources and their morale, manipulating them from a position of strength to one of vulnerability and chaos, with such thoughtful cunning and insight as you would never- - TBFGK Epilogue 9

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

It's a fresh start for our side. It seems a time for renewal. - LIAB Prologue 4

[Did you think his ego... needed more help?] Frankly, Lord, I did. - LIAB Prologue 5

In our earlier link, we discovered a strong rapport. Such mutual trust can make the process a great deal easier. - LIAB Prologue 5

You could explode. - LIAB Prologue 6

I am learning to tell jokes, Lord. You have inspired me to explore my own capabilities. - LIAB Prologue 6

Little steps, my Lord. - LIAB Prologue 6

Maggie giggled too, for reasons unknown but at least partly chemical. - LIAB Prologue 8

That is precisely where I left it, and precisely where I expect it, and precisely where it ought to be. It serves well. - LIAB Prologue 9

I can see it now. I can see very clearly what it must be like to be on a world that spins. - LIAB Prologue 9

Poor helmet. Not... *hic* Not at all how it would choose to serve. - LIAB Prologue 9

[Weeee... try things. Right, Maggie?] Sometimes they even work. - LIAB Prologue 10

You do have some terribly unorthodox personal views, Lord. One in particular, I find intriguing. - LIAB Prologue 23

Are you celibate, Lord? - LIAB Prologue 23

An Archon, or any unit, Lord. - LIAB Prologue 23

What an utterly alien thing to think. But also, utterly charming. - LIAB Prologue 23

Are you unable? - LIAB Prologue 23

What if you cleave her in twain with your mighty broadsword? What if your siege-ram is.. is too grand for the gates? Oh. All men exaggerate their stats, Lord. You all imagine a weapon bonus that isn't there. If you do break her like a... feral mount of some sort, then I suppose she'll heal fully at dawn. But the memories will last her a lifetime. - LIAB Prologue 23

[Are we sure she didn't recover that Sword of Ruthlessness or something?] Why would she need it, Lord? - LIAB 11

May I give you a suggestion, Lord? - LIAB 32

Appoint Parson. Then leave the room, so he can think. - LIAB 32

We are called. We serve. Perhaps... we are never certain our cause is just. But we know the need is real. We know if we have done our Duty. - LIAB 33

It will serve, Lord. - LIAB 33

What sort of distorted Thoughtbubbles have you been thinking? - LIAB 67

I will thank you not to... put my Chief Warlord into thinkspace without... my mind on the call! - LIAB 84

Oww, my face - LIAB 85

Without your brilliance in command, Gobwin Knob fights with one hand tied behind our backs. - LIAB 87

YES! - LIAB 90

I will make his case! You should have consulted me! You do not know this man. You do not know what makes him so remarkable. He is not from this reality. Do you understand? - LIAB 92

War is an abstraction to him. He was popped to imagine fighting, not to fight! - LIAB 92

You cannot expect him to be the perfect warlord until he can be a warlord at all. - LIAB 92

I concede that this action is reckless, hasty, possibly unnecessary... Arguably quite foolhardy... ... [Keep digging. There's a 'but' in there, somewhere.] But he needs this. - LIAB 94

No. You did the 'brave' thing this time, Lord. - LIAB 111

No-one who cared for you would have let you languish as you were, Lord. - LIAB Epilogue 06

That is all they want, Lord Parson. Someone to protect their secrets. That is why they summoned you. - LIAB Epilogue 06

Loyalty is complex. And you've... complicated my own. - LIAB Epilogue 06

Than I am yours, entirely. - LIAB Epilogue 06

The Great Minds do not understand what they have summoned. I do. - LIAB Epilogue 06

Book 3: Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot

[Bed's nice, though.] It looks lovely, Lord. And quite comfortable, I'd imagine. More claret? - Hvs.tCF 37

You own it all, by right of conquest, Lord. You oughtn't to be afraid to handle what is yours. - Hvs.tCF 37

Maggie had asked to speak with him privately, calling it "something specific and urgent." - Hvs.tCF 37

I must share something with you. A secret. - Hvs.tCF 37

But to be frank, my faith in your judgement is greater than my faith in the judgement of the Great Minds. - Hvs.tCF 37

You don't withhold information from the guy who plans your battles! - Hvs.tCF 37

He's quite the ball of hate, isn't he? - Hvs.tCF 42

I think that we ought to try it. It may not work, but who knows what could come of it? - Hvs.tCF 51

It is what it was. - Hvs.tCF 54

Few things can be themselves as much as this tower can, Lord. - Hvs.tCF 54

Unharmed, Lord, and largely unscrambled. - Hvs.tCF 59

Magic Words

Ephedra. - TBFGK 104

Hoboken. - TBFGK 133

Callahan's. - TBFGK 135

Fronkensteen. - Hvs.tCF 52