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Quotes from Caesar Borgata

Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob

Bats? Bats, we got. - TBFGK 104

I came out... Because Charlie bent us over and tied a knot n'us. - TBFGK 107

Go! [Cool! Crazy!] When you're a bat, you're a bat all the way! From your first startin' stat, til the turn you decay! Da DOO da-doo-doooo... Da DOO da-doo-doo doo DOOooooo... - TBFGK 111

No. Not an engagement. Get this: it was some kinda single Dirtamancy trap. One. ... across multiple hexes. - TBFGK 138

'Zat wise? - TBFGK 138

Sweetheart, if you break your alliance right now, we will drink your blood over a peppy campfire tune. - TBFGK 139

You wanna take that sack o' bats on as a hobby? She's yours, Count. - TBFGK 139

Surely her Royal Highness is speaking hypothetically. As a mere Noble, I can only speculate on the etiquette n' protocol of refusing a Royal invitation. But it would seem unwise. - TBFGK Epilogue 10

Crazier'n a jug of bugs. But a princess. Don King tells me we're supposed to care about that now. - TBFGK Epilogue 13

Book 2: Love is a Battlefield

I love ya, Bunny. You know that. Yeah you do. - LIAB Prologue 26

And the idea that they didn't have a chip in this game was a laugh. A chip? Their whole stack was with the Wack from Faq. Her moonball keister was ridin' around on Transylvito's whole treasury. - LIAB Text 3

That's how they did this. She was in his head, but he kept his eyes off her. There was time for that later (though never enough). - LIAB Text 3

Yeah, then she split the scene. - LIAB 34

This wasn't the plan, Don. - LIAB 34

Awww, yeah they're in some deep crap now. - LIAB 54

You gotta tell him no, Benjamin. - LIAB 56

Your Royal Highness, Don, King of Transylvito. With the greatest respect, we your loyal Warlords do hereby formally advise Benjamin, Chief Moneymancer of Transylvito to refuse your order to create a gem for the purpose of loaning it to King Slately of Jetstone. - LIAB 59

Please. With no money, Transylvito will prob'ly fall. We gotta face facts, Don. Our troubles are here at home. - LIAB 59

Oh Ti- What the flip is that! - LIAB Epilogue 19

deliver to me not Don w/in 2 turns:
inv of all assets in Faq
plan to conquer side - LIAB Epilogue 21

Book 3: Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot

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