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Proposed Canon

One of Goodminton's allies in a fight against Haffaton at the time Wanda was popped.[1]

Quisling were allied to Frenemy throughout this period.

The alliance with Goominton was broken when the combined airforces of Frenemy and Quisling entered Goodminton's airspace in force and demanded the Side's entire treasury.[2] They were driven off, Quisling's forces escaping unscathed.[3] Quisling then allied with Haffaton[4] and withdrew from the area.


It is likely that Quisling has been destroyed by the time the Faq-Haffaton war begins, as Haffaton's territory extends far beyond the region in which the Goodminton war was fought.

Real World References

Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian politician who used the opportunity of Nazi Gemany's invasion to seize power. As a result, his name became synonymous with "traitor" or "collaborator" in many languages.