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Side: Gobwin Knob
Level: 3
Hvs.tCF 30.jpg

Proposed Canon

First Mention: LIAB 30

First Appearance: LIAB Text 43

The city of Progrock was conquered by Gobwin Knob and rebuilt by Sizemore at some point after the Battle for Gobwin Knob. It was sacked by Queen Jillian of Faq in 75 AW, and rebuilt by Gobwin Knob on the sixth day after the fall of Spacerock.

Level 3 city. When sacked, it gave 40,000 shmuckers[1], whereas when Kona was sacked, it only gave 20,000. It is possible that there are modifiers to sacking which we are unaware of. Charlescomm paid for the city's rebuilding.

Control of Progrock

Real World References

The name is a shortened version of "progressive rock".


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