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Prince Sammy at the head of a Haggar army.

Proposed Canon

"I got an axe to swing."

Strengths: Dealing With Problems Head-On, Understanding The Situation

Weaknesses: Losing His Head

First Appearance: LIAB Text 7

Prince Sammy was a Royal Warlord from Haggar. He had stringy blond hair and wielded an axe. Sammy was either a Dance-Fighter or Rock-fighter who strongly believed that "There's only one way to Rock."

For hundreds of turns, he had little respect for his father King Dickie, until King Dickie proposed the apparently foolproof plan of pretending to ally with Jetstone. Haggar would wait at the sidelines while Jetstone and Gobwin Knob fought to the death, and would then crush whichever of the two sides survived. For this purpose, Sammy led a massive column of heavies and infantries to within one turn's move of the Battle for Jetstone. However, the sudden turning of Prince Ossomer has made Sammy wonder if he and his father have badly underestimated the threat posed by Gobwin Knob.

When Sammy restructured his force for defense against Gobwin Knob's air units and possible Foolamancy, they coincidentally spotted some of Charlie's Archons spying on them from under a veil. The column croaked three of those Archons and captured one, Hilary, whom Sammy severely beat in an attempt to extract information. Charlie interrupted the beating by sending a Thinkagram and proposing a Haggar/Charlescomm alliance.

Sammy quickly rejected that alliance because of Jetstone's claim that all the Arkentool wielders were united. Charlie then countered with a solid threat: if the Haggar forces did not follow his orders and assault the Gobwin Knob ground force, he would use a force of Archons to destroy the underdefended capital city of Haggar.

Sammy led the Haggar forces to rendezvous with Prince Tramennis and Queen Jillian Zamussels of Faq, and announced that his forces would be going in as first wave. Per Charlie's instructions, Haggar would assault the Gobwin Knob ground forces until half their force was croaked or Charlie's objectives were met, at which point they would fall back and let Jetstone and Faq finish the column off.

Haggar led the forces into a battle and Sammy fought his way directly to Gobwin Knob's Chief Warlord Ansom, only to be interrupted by Faq's fliers led by Jillian. The queen had realized Sammy's main objective from Charlie was to croak Ansom - whom she apparently wants to capture. Caught off guard, Sammy was skewered by multiple pikers and finally decapitated by Ansom, and his body was withdrawn by Haggar forces in their retreat.


King Dickie

Prince Sammy was King Dickie's only son.

The two didn't agree on much, but when Sammy heard Dickie's plan to ally with Jetstone in order to have a large force nearby to attack whoever won the Siege of Spacerock, he gained a great deal of respect for his father.


Sammy was initially presumed to be the Chief Warlord and Heir to Haggar. However, his quickness to follow along with Charlie's orders suggest he may not have been the Heir. If the side has no Heir (or the Heir is in the capital), then losing the capital city would see the entire side ended and all field units disbanded.

Real World References

Sammy Hagar is a famous rock musician, best known for being the second (and sixth) lead singer for Van Halen. The warriors accompanying him in the image above appear to be modeled on the other Van Halen members. Drummer Alex Van Halen is on the left, lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen on the right, and bassist Michael Anthony is strongly suggested by the obscured figure immediately behind Sammy.

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