Portia Diesel

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Book5 Prologue 1.png
Portia Diesel
Race: Men
Faction: Generica
Class: Caster (Signamancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Book5 Prologue 1

Lady Portia Diesel is a Signamancer of Generica. She makes Signs-for-sale for her side in large quantities for many clients ranging from single warlords to sides like Charlescomm.


Lady Portia might be deaf, since Byrne the Notist had to use sign language while talking to her before the audience.Book5 Prologue 1.

She is most likely the Chief Caster of Generica.

Real World References

Her name sounds like porsche diesel – a failed, out-of-date brand of Porsche engines. Porsche admitted in 2015 to faking results on emissions tests for diesel vehicles so that they could meet environmental standards.