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For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Bunny and her Ponzi-o.
Prince Ponzie
Race: Transylvito Vampire
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Warlord
Level: 4
Special: Leadership, Royal, Flight, Remote Visual Link (Bats)
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rewrite with all the info revealed in Hvs.tCF 217

Proposed Canon

(Don King) "And my son...he made a play for the throne. Didn't work out for him."

Strengths: Big guns, intimidating Signamancy, persuasive

Weaknesses: Too ambitious, schemes fall through, sicker flip than Bill

First Mention: TBFGK Epilogue 21

First Appearance: (Flashback) Hvs.tCF 60

Prince Ponzie was popped under Don King as the Heir of Transylvito. He was a Royal, and made a play for the throne of Transylvito. His attempt failed and he was croaked. Bunny Velvetino, his lover at the time, had a hand in his attempt's failure. He was a level 4 at the time.


Don King

Prince Ponzie was one of Don King's children and his only son. He attempted a unsuccessful coup against Don King and was croaked after its failure. Following his death, Don discarded the majority of the Royal organization of Transylvito and elected to appoint his heir and court by merit. He did not begin popping a new Royal heir until after the Battle for Gobwin Knob. Erf-b1-pE21Same-site.PNG


Prince Ponzie and Bunny are implied to have been lovers prior to his attempt to usurp his father. Bunny considers a "choice" with a "terrible cost" that she made related to Don and Ponzie Erf-b3-p61Same-site.PNG, and Don states that she was present on the day Ponzie "broke his bond." Erf-b3-p153Same-site.PNG It is suggested that she played some role in her lover's death and it led to her branding as a Baddie.


It is implied that Ponzie tortured, raped, or otherwise assaulted Doller Bill for Ponzie's own sadistic gratification.Erf-b3-p165Same-site.PNG

Real World References

His name is an amalgamation of Fonzie, iconic womanizing tv-character and the last name of Charles Ponzi, (in)famous for inventing the Charles Ponzi Scheme. It may be a play on the word "poncey" or "ponce" -- a term which literally means "prince" but figuratively means a gay man -- in light of the implication that Ponzie may have raped Doller Bill.

Ponzi schemes traditionally fool people by creating a fake investment plan or organization. The first adopters get "high yields" unknowingly from the investments made by people referred to the the scheme, and once it reaches a critical mass of investors the scammer makes off with all of the money.

Preceded by:
Unknown Female Heir
Heir of Transylvito Succeeded by:
Caesar Borgata