Pom Fritz

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Pom Fritz
Race: Men
Tribe: Croatan (lost tribe)
Faction: Goodminton
Class: Warlord

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 6

Pom Fritz is a warlord serving the side of Goodminton around the time when Wanda popped. He was Goodminton’s highest-level warlord and Tommy Firebaugh's close friend and second in command. He is described as "a beefy man with a red beard and a single red eyebrow over his buggy green eyes" wielding a great axe.

Real world references

His name is a pun on "pommes frites". (French Fries in the French language)

Preceded by:
Atomic "Tommy" Firebaugh
Chief Warlord of Goodminton Succeeded by:
None, Side destroyed