Pitch Golem

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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 242

Pitch Golems are a type of Golem. Claud Gauntlet, of Gobwin Knob at the time, made the first known example in an attempt to disable an Action Figure without triggering the penalty clauses of a truce with Charlescomm.

When dismissed, Pitch Golems dissolve into the pile of pitch from which they were formed. This pitch no longer counts as a unit but, depending on where the golem is placed, it can still have an effect on enemy units. For instance, when Claud dissolved his Pitch Golem, the Action Figure beneath it was disabled; the Signamancy of the Charlescomm/Gobwin Knob truce read Claud's intent in dismissing the Pitch Golem and applied the penalty for harming an enemy unit.

Real World References

The picture of the Pitch Golem in Hvs.tCF 242 and its description as "really unpopular" identify it as a Tar-Baby. Quoting from Wikipedia, "Although the term's provenance rests in African folklore (i.e., the gum doll Anansi created to trap Mmoatia), some Americans consider 'tar baby' to be a pejorative term for African Americans," hence its unpopularity.

In the original Uncle Remus story featuring a Tar-Baby bearing the same appearance as the Pitch Golem, the lifelike but inanimate Tar-Baby trapped the protagonist, Br'er Rabbit, when Br'er Rabbit aggressively struck the Tar-Baby for perceived rudeness, and the more Br'er Rabbit struggled to escape, the tighter he was bound, as more and more of him stuck to the Tar-Baby.


Following its inspiration, a Pitch Golem may be an effective unit for trapping enemy units, especially unled units that must attack enemy units they encounter in a neighboring hex.