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Proposed Canon

A Pit trap is a type of Dirtamancy Trap that creates a pit for units to fall into and suffer some form of harm. "Pit trap" covers a broad category of traps that can be made with different material types and with different effects.

Pit traps are very flexible, the Caster making one actually creates a small patch of special terrain type under the trap. They can be cast anywhere in a city, like the Garrison or Tower. They can not, however, be made to hang or float freely in midair.

A well made pit trap is capable of defensively augmenting a city's defensive bonus. Enough of them can make a paltry level city 1 more like a level 3.[1]

Known pit traps

  • Spiked pit traps have been mentioned. Presumably they're the most basic, being a pit with spikes on the bottom.
  • Lava traps do heavy damage with a minor chance to incapacitate/croak/destroy, and are able to reliably affect flying units on the ground.
  • Tar causes near-certain incapacitation with minor damage, and glues units to the ground much like a Pink dwagon's breath special. It's also reliably able to affect flying units on the ground.[2]
  • Water traps can be used to shunt the caught units somewhere else, and if the trap is in a Tower or other high location it can cause severe fall damage on top of that. While installing drainage in Weatherbug, Digdoug Mole was planning on creating intricate water traps to take advantage of it being a permanent Rain Hex, having them shunt invading troops out of the Garrison, or blasting approaching ones with jets of water.[3]


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