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Proposed Canon

Yep. Cutely stabbing guts full o' pike.

The Piker is a Class of Infantry Unit (as in "piker-class infantry").TBFGK 77a Despite their name, Pikers can use polearms as their weapon.

Piker bonus: Pikers have a bonus that supposedly either applies when defending, or when fighting Stabbers.WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 13

Pikers pop in groups of eight in a level five city.LIAB Prologue 19

Some pikers wield halberds. WB2014_Dylan_and_Thomas_-_Part_1

Famous Pikers

Stanley started out as a Piker infantry under the command of King Saline IV of the Plaid.TBFGK 79


In the real world, the pike is a very long, two-handed spear that is not thrown. In Erfworld pikes are grouped with other pole weapons with the exeption of short spears, which are grouped with swords as Stabbers. LIAB Text 24 has a nice image that shows a spearman, a swordsman and a piker.

Pikes and spears are traditional anti-'mount' units in most games, and weak to archers and swordsmen. It could be assumed that they carry a bonus to mounted units.