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Race: Men
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Caster (Healomancy)
Level: 7

Proposed Canon

"Good, you started to worry me there, but we're still playing the same game."

Strengths: Making Martinis

Weaknesses: Shaving

First Appearance: LIAB 53

Pierce is a Chief Healomancer in the service of Jetstone. He is Level 7 (almost 8) and as such the highest level Caster in Jetstone.LIAB Text 41

He served under Prince Ossomer during the undermanned battles against Haggar. The desperate battles and high casualty rates have given him a bleak outlook on war and life. This combat experience also allowed him to level quickly.

Along with Ace Hardware and Lloyd, Pierce was sent to defend the hex on Jetstone's side of the Expository Bridge.

Pierce left the battle for Spacerock along with Tramennis and Lloyd, returning to the city of Jetstone. He was responsible for watching Lilith during her captivity.

Real World References

With his surgical scrubs, homemade healing potion martini, name, and gallows humor he is a clear reference to Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce from M*A*S*H, a series which revolved around medical personnel in the midst the Korean War. In M*A*S*H, Hawkeye held the title "Chief Surgeon", whereas Pierce is "Chief Healomancer". Also within the series characters are sometimes referred to as "bucking for a section 8" a Section 8 is a discharge from military service by reason of insanity. The description for Pierce stated he had participated in many of Prince Ossomer's shorthanded battles against Haggar and "He had leveled up to a seven during all of that action, bucking for an eight." LIAB Text 41

Preceded by:
Chief Caster of Jetstone Succeeded by:
None, Incumbent