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Parson Gotti, Chief Warlord of Stanley the Tool, developed and executed a number of plans and schemes during the Battle for Gobwin Knob.

The Battle for Gobwin Knob

Day 1

Day 2

  • Parson's Siege Raids
    • Parson uses Stanley's dwagons to surgically strike into the Coalition forces, eliminating siege engines.

Day 3

Day 4

Other Outlines and Ideas

  • Conventional Siege
    • "Seems to be Tool's Plan. He's pulled almost everything back into the city. Don't like it, but worked at Stalingrad."Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Counterattack
  • Retreat
    • "Excellent and brilliant strategy. Will become my first choice, the second I discover the ability to move these mountains. Talk to Sizemore about that. :-/" Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Diplomacy and/or Sue For Peace
    • "Even if this is feasible option, no way Tool would consider it. Dunno, maybe could talk him into it."Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Melt Away and/or Insurgency
    • "First option I like. Abandon city but keep forces intact and hard to hit. Then fight classic asymmetric war of attrition. Small forces can be superpowers by being impossible to eradicate and too expensive to keep fighting"Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Call the Cavalry
    • "We're probably on our own. But if there is a potential ally out there who could ride to our rescue, I wanna find that out."Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Sabotage
    • "Inflitrate and blow Ansom's boop up. Good times."Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Divide and Conquer
    • "Parley with leaders in Ansom's coalition? Turn even one or two of them, and it'd change the game"Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
  • Ender's Game
    • "My favorite, of course. Probably spending too much time thinking about it. Single, Brilliant stroke that wins the battle even against terrible odds. They come in several flavors:"Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
    • Superweapon
      • "Worked in WWII, right? Do we have one? What about that hammer?"Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
    • Fool's Mate
      • "Sneak attack Ansom's capital? Definitely what Ender would do. What about pegging Ansom himself, would that be checkmate?"Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
    • Hidden Weakness
      • "Water on the Wicked Witch! Smaug's only missing scale! A small thermal exaust port, just below the main...meh. Maybe."Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG
    • Big Deception
      • "Paint a train tunnel on a cliff & maybe a train will emerge from it."Erf-b1-p038Same-site.PNG