Parson's Friends

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From left to right: Takashi, Ashna, Carl, and Ross. Parson is in the foreground with his back to the viewer


Parson was describing his new game to his friends when he was Plotted away to Erfworld. There are four members of Parson's gaming group besides Parson.


See also: Ross
Parson's Jewish friend Ross (far right in the picture) arrives at the gaming session first. He engages Parson in a conversation concerning marbits (marshmallow bits) and odd eating habits, and initiates the conversation later taken up by Ashna concerning Parson's motivations for gaming. He wears a yarmulke with a design taken from the Watchmen -- a red drip of liquid on a yellow smiley face. His T-shirt is light gray and his pants blue.


See also: Ashna
Ashna is the sole female of the group, and the only one named directly in the comic. In the picture on this page, she is second from the left. She demonstrates a concern for Parson's well-being, and it is to her that Parson states that he wants to leave the world and go into a game. Ashna wore a green and yellow T-shirt and blue pants.


See also: Takashi
Takashi says little, and that only after Parson has disappeared, remarking about Parson's lack of follow-through on his ideas. He wears an orange shirt and blue pants, and sports a tuft of black chin hair, and can be found on the far left of the picture on this page.


See also: Carl
Carl says the least within the comic -- a single curse. He is second from the right in the picture on this page. He wears a black hat with a power button symbol. He wears a dark gray shirt and gray pants. Carl is modeled on Hawk from Applegeeks.