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Proposed Canon

Pantstown is a level one city on the border between Jetstone and Haggar near the western bank of the River Phoenix.

Control Disputes

  • Immediately afterward, it was taken by Haggar.

Real World References

"Pantstown" is a pun on "pants down" -- it is captured by Haggar and Jetstone alternatingly as a matter of course, and somehow every time the owner gets caught with his pants down.

Pantstown continues the clothing references of Haggar. It may also be a reference to the town being nigh-worthless, or "pants," which is a British slang term (meaning literally underwear, but with a connotation much like "crap," or of low quality.

"Pantsing" can refer to suddenly pulling someone's pants down by surprise, usually from behind. The sneak attack could be a reference to this.