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Proposed Canon

... to pass the canapés.

A Palace is a building inside of a Capital City, Rulers (probably Royals) make their home there and hold court.

In most cities the tower is used as the headquarters for rulers and their Warlords; cities with a palace have a building with rooms, chambers, feast halls, and other facilities attached to the tower.[1] So Casters in the palace wouldn't get the tower boost. These rooms can include the Situation Room[2], the Portal Room[3], the Dungeon (usually in the basement though)[4], and the Throne Room.[5]

Since palaces have only been mentioned in relation to the capitals of royal Sides it's possible only royals may build them. Though it may be that any ruler can build one, but royals are likeliest to want to build one. Lady Allison Chains commented that razing and rebuilding Weatherbug from flooded fortress to dry palace would be expensive, so building a palace may represent an additional city building or improvement expense, coverable either with Shmuckers or extensive applications of Signamancy.[6] This implies non-capitals can have palaces, or at least very swanky accommodations.

The city of Homekey has a unique palace in that it incorporates orchards and gardens into its design, so royal design aesthetics probably lean towards ostentation and glamour over function.[7]

Notably the original city of Gobwin Knob didn't have a palace despite being built by King Saline IV or one of his Royal ancestors. When Stanley ordered it rebuilt following the Volcano Uncroaking, Thinkamancer Maggie and Dirtamancer Sizemore Rockwell took the initiative to form a Caster Link and create a highly stylized and ornate style focusing on Stanley. However, these Signamancy improvements (even those to the tower) didn't qualify it as a palace.

Cities with Palaces


Other than the improved Signamancy, sides with palaces enjoy higher Loyalty and morale for the units living there.

Similar to how sides with Libraries enjoy bonuses to casters, sides with palaces have bonuses to popping royals and Noble units.


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