Paige Turner

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Paige Turner
Race: Men
Faction: Nestlý
Class: Warlord, Ruler

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Book5 Prologue 3 (mentioned), Book5 Prologue 6 (appeared)

Paige Turner is the ruler of Nestlý, an island-based bubble kingdom with only two units: herself and her husband Noah Moore.

Paige is a warlord who popped as a barbarian on the island. She found the capital site and established a side there.

Paige's weapon is a rapier with a basket hilt that she usually leaves in her trophy room. It is identical to Fumo's rapier.Book5 Prologue 26

She is a successful author and something of a celebrity, with her fans including the residents of the Magic Kingdom and several other rulers. Her ultimate goal is to successfully publish a book entitled, The Case Against Scripture, a book written with the intention of exposing lies in the books left behind by the Titans.

Real World References

Her name is a homophone for "page-turner", meaning a book that people want to keep reading.

She may resemble the actress Lana Turner.