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This is an attempt to create very detailed annotations for every single page of the comic.
It can later be linked to Plot Summary and linked or merged with Descriptive Table of Contents.
Every page gets its own article. It is not very good for searching, but putting it all into one article will get unmanageable very soon. (Actually it became apparent after page 1 - not much happens in it, but it is still 1000 characters long. 150 pages means at least 150 Kb long article.)

Style guidelines

Page numeration is as per online version. (Rob mentioned that pages will be renumbered prior to the book publication.)
The style is not defined yet. Your suggestions are welcome. Suggested principles:

  • number and describe every panel
  • include all narrative text, character speech and sound effects (in italic); preserve the original punctuation and grammar; if you notice a blooper in the text, underline it
  • when describing panels, be precise; avoid ambiguous wording and speculation; if you notice a blooper in the image, add an underlined comment.
  • try to include as many details as possible (including references to our world if you notice them)
  • be consistent

Collaboration Notice

When editing articles, be sure to edit the section you work on and save your work often. This will allow more than one user to work on an article at the same and save their work without technical difficulties.
No edit wars! All disputes are resolved on the talk page.

Your help is very welcome and appreciated!