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Proposed Canon

An Overlord (or Overlady for women) is a Ruler that is not a Royal. They can come to power when a Ruler names a non-Royal Warlord or Caster as Heir Designate, or if a non-royal Warlord founds a new Side by laying claim to an unowned Capital Site. Overlords can explicitly pop Heir's or promote a commander to give them the special.

Overlords and overladies can have families just like Royals do. If an overlord is in the Capital when a Commander type unit pops, it may bear their last name and be considered their son or daughter. Much like a Royal King or Queen popping an Heir considers them their son or daughter. This was the case with Overlord Firebaugh, his son Tommy Firebaugh (Warlord), and daughter Wanda Firebaugh (Caster, Croakamancer). All three of them were of the Croatan Tribe, which also seems to be a trait that is passed down along with the last name.

Known Overlords include:


Sides run by Overlords rather than Royals can't pop Royal or Noble units.

Overladies Bell and Blair were probably popped by the same overlord or overlady, which would explain why they're referred to as sisters.

If a Noble founds a side or inherits it, they don't become a Royal side or an overlordship, but a Regency.