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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by User:youngstormlord.
Nyx Longinch
Race: Men
Tribe: nearly extinct Plaid tribe
Faction: Healaid
Class: Caster, Findamancy
Special: Caster


Nyx Longinch is a Master class Findamancer, in service of Healaid. Her main job is to make Healomancy scrolls with kingdom's chief Healomancer, Lucas Apollo, thus ensuring her side's continuing existence.

Known Allies



In this short story,Caster's burden.


During the Battle for Healcare, Nyx was forced into Trimancer link with Thinkamancer Merry Bobbyns and Healomancer Lucas Apollo. After the battle was won, King Galen the Third (formerly Prince Galen, the heir designate) ordered the link broken. Nyx ended grievously wounded by the occurrence, but was able to find remains of link in Lucas' mind, thus connecting with him in desperate try to save his mind and her own life. The two were unable to cast or "disconnect" for twelve more turns after the event, but Lucas was able to heal Nyx, so she didn't croak.

In return, Nyx was able to find broken pieces of Lucas' mind and the way they connected, restoring his sanity. Together, Lucas and Nyx can produce up to 60 Healomancy scrolls per turn or cast one thousand heals to any garrisoned unit.