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Magic 101
Natural Magic, Caster, Caster link, Juice, Scroll, Magic Item, Spell, Grandiocosmic Strings, H-strings, Channels, Nodes, Dictums
Caster proficiency: NoviceAdeptMaster

Proposed Canon

Nodes are locations associated with the Grandiocosmic Strings. They help a Thinkamancer magnify the G-string vibrations they create when casting Thinkamancy. Some nodes have special properties, such as nodes of intuition. By travelling between two nodes of intuition, a Thinkamancer can get a brief insight into their Fate.

Real World References

Nodes might be a reference to how in some pieces of mysticism and fiction, places of power called nodes, or nexuses, are said to exist where the leylines intersect.

Nodes also occur in computing and supercomputing; by dividing a job (e.g. a simulation program) between multiple connected nodes on a system, the solving of intensive calculations can be greatly accelerated - this seems analogous to what happens in a Trance-fusion.