Noah Moore

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Race: Men
Faction: Nestlý
Class: Chief Husband, Caster (Grand Abbie Date-a-mancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Book5 Prologue 3

Noah Moore and his wifequeen Paige Turner are the only human units belonging to the side of Nestlý, which consist of a single capital city located on a remote island hex in the middle of the sea.

Noah is a Grand Abbie – master-class in all three Hippiemancy disciplines. With his Date-a-mancy knowledge he has spent many thousand-turn training a pod of Gun whales to protect the hexes around the island by scaring away ships that get too close, and eating those who persist.B5P12 He also connected and made friends with Scott, the Dread Nautilus, winning his support in that task as well.

Noah still visits Magic Kingdom regularly to sell produce farmed on the island. He has a contract between Nestlý and the Glade of the Hippiemancers to make his side a sanctuary for the free hippiemancers in an event a catastrophe happens to the Glade, in return being a free agent, otherwise uninvolved in the politics of MK or any obligations to the hippiemancers community.B5P17


Before being offered the chance to turn to Paige, Noah was most likely unemployed in the Magic Kingdom.

Real World References

Noah in the Bible is well known for his time spent at sea.

His full name is a homophone to the phrase "[to] know more" – we first meet him in the comics trying to "learn more" by asking stories from a see bird. It's also a homophone for "no more" - he left the society of Hippiemancers and enforced his freedom by magical contract, and he belongs to a side that doesn't pop units or wage war.