Nelson Chequer

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Admiral Nelson Chequer
Race: Men
Faction: Seaworld
Class: Warlord
Rank and Titles: Admiral
Special: Leadership, Seafarer

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 2

Admiral Nelson Chequer is the leader of the flagship HMS Hubris Unsinkable II and the corresponding fleet.

He takes an instant disliking to Joseph Forecastle due to him not possessing the seafarer special and yet being made First Mate, viewing him as a millstone. He makes it clear to Joseph that his position is entirely meaningless beyond slowing them down and that he will not tolerate him trying to exercise it in the slightest.

Joseph Forecastle eventually earns the admiral's respect when he makes an earnest attempt to understand how a ship is run. He even won the admiral's admiration when he came up with a clever trick to defeat a sea dwagon.

However, this all changed again when Duke Forecastle accidentally tamed a double eagle. Due to Forecastle's poor word choice and seafarer superstition about double eagles being bad luck, Chequer was enraged. He ordered that Forecastle was to be keelhauled and remain in his cabin for the rest of the voyage.

He was ultimately croaked by the beam weapon of an Anchorbar ship in the Battle of the Storm Hex. Seaworld blamed Duke Forecastle for his death, covered up the true story of that battle, and credited Chequer as the legendary hero who saved the side.

Real World References

His name is an alternate spelling for checker, which can refer to a pattern consisting of squares of different colors or the board game english draughts.

The "Nelson Chequer" was a yellow and black pattern painted onto British warships to help them distinguish one another from enemy vessels, named for Admiral Horatio Nelson.[1]

Preceded by:
none, ship freshly commissioned
Captain of HMS Hubris Unsinkable II Succeeded by:
Joseph Forecastle