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Class\Axis Erf Fate Numbers
Spookism Turnamancy Dollamancy Weirdomancy

Weirdomancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Spookism and composed solely of the element of Motion; it is aligned with the axis of Numbers.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

Weirdomancy is the magic of modifying other magic.


Special Alteration
Temporarily add and remove "natural" magic and abilities from units. (such as the ability to Move through the air from flyers).LIAB 33b
Anatomy manipulation
Alter the anatomy of some units, such as making Gumps grow radishes.LIAB Text 55
Cancel, counter, or otherwise undo other spells, as in the Weirdomancy component of Dismiss Perfect Warlord.Hvs.tCF 37
Can tweak and reweave existing magic, such as scrolls.

Known Weirdomancers


It is possible that Weirdomancy may affect (temporarily) the Stats of a Unit.

Since Weirdomancy is of the Spookism magic class working with its Motion element and is on the Numbers axis, this magic type might affect movement.

In simplest form this could be increasing rate of movement, and reduced or eliminated penalties for any Terrain Type, possibly including moving through walls. These would also fit the name since a unit that could move twice as fast as it should straight up a mountainside and through the walls of a city would be weird.

Conversely, it could also reduce movement and increase movement penalties for a side's enemies, with similar combat applications.

It is also possible that at a higher level this magic can perform ultimate movement tricks such as teleports which put the target unit in a different numbered hex.

It would also be possible to summon units from a distance including other planes, but this does not fit with the only summon seen so far - the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell.

As the Arkenshoes give unlimited move to the individual who is attuned to them, it is possible that Weirdomancy is involved.

If Weirdomancy does affect movement and stats in addition to natural abilities, then it can be considered 'weird' that such seemingly disparate effects are collected within a single discipline.

Another possibility will be Weirdomancy to affect the shape or composition of objects or beings, including their biology, giving, for example, the flying special to a unit by making it grow wings.

Real World

The Museum of the Weird contains Wax Figures (which would be Dollamancy), but also Monsters, Shrunken Heads, Freaks of Nature, and Giant Lizards. It also contains Mythical creatures such as the Fiji Mermaid and Bigfoot. Supernatural figures such as Vampires, Mummies, Werewolves and Ghosts are also covered. Generally, Weird things include all that is Unexplained. It would not be surprising if Weirdomancy includes these things.

"Weird" has also been used to describe witches, warlocks, and sorcerers, so it is possible this is a broader discipline than has been shown in the stories so far.

The term Weird Fiction is a phrase first coined by H.P. Lovecraft as a genre name for stories written by him and others. Included in this genre is what would today be called Cosmic Horror, as well as Sword and Sorcery.