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Moneymancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Clevermancy; it is aligned with the axis of Numbers and is composed of none of the three elements of Life, Motion and Matter.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

Moneymancy is a magic that has uses resources outside of the art of an individual moneymancer. Sides use moneymancy to convert shmuckers into units and construction. It may also be involved in the automatic transfer of funds when sides make deals with one another. As we have not seen evidence that treasuries are tangible, existing things, moneymancy may simply be involved in the moving of funds to and from the abstract pocket in which the treasury exists. There is some evidence that banks are associated with treasuries, as they must be visited from time to time, even though they don't actually hold any treasure. LIAB Prologue 23


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Schmuckers to Gem Conversion
Moneymancers are able to convert shmuckers into gems. This is significant as gems are able to be converted directly into shmuckers by a caster, warlord, or ruler, but not the other way around. This would allow a side to squirrel away funds so that they were available if needed, but not in the treasury in case of capture. This also allows one side to transfer funds to another, and may allow a Barbarian to exceed the normal limit of their purse, among other things.

Natural Moneymancy

Natural Ally Popping
Natural Allies can use moneymancy to convert shmuckers directly to unitsWoT-6051503. This is likely important because units probably have no cost to create otherwise. Instead of Shmuckers, they take time. Moneymancy seems to circumvent the time needed via a direct infusion of Shmuckers.
Building Construction
Construction of buildings, up to and including cities like Gobwin Knob, can be accomplished through moneymancy.

Known Moneymancers


  • Moneymancy may be able to predict the monetary (shmucker) cost of an action. Benjamin has been quoted as saying that it would be too expensive to exterminate a Transylvitian enemy.
  • Since Moneymancy is a magic ability and magic requires juice to be performed, it would be expected that a Moneymancer should be able to convert juice directly into shmuckers. Since neither juice nor shmuckers are made of life, motion or matter, this seems directly in alignment with the composition of Moneymancy.
  • Since left-over money after a transaction is called "change", it shouldn't be surprising to find a link between Moneymancy and Changemancy.
  • Just as a Turnamancer can increase a city's production rate, Moneymancers may be able to improve a city's finances, increasing the city's Shmucker production while decreasing upgrade costs and upkeep for units spending the entire Turn within that city. This bonuses presumably stack with the bonuses from managing a city, making the total alteration significant.
  • Moneymancers may be able to audit a kingdoms financial statements. Robert Dinero was able to tell if Homekey was lying about, or hiding, information in their accounting ledgers. Dove is able to use Carnymancy to fool this ability. This also implies a potential Natural Magic connection between a kingdom and its financial statements if it takes magic to lie on them.