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TBFGK 7.jpg
A horn being played at nightfall by a Royal Crown Coalition unit.

Proposed Canon

TBFGK 94.jpg
A gobwin sentry warns of an advancing squadron of flyers.

Music plays a role in the cultural and social interactions of several different groups in Erfworld. Several different sides have been shown singing and playing various musical instruments, including at least two types of horns. Erf-b1-p007Same-site.PNG Erf-b1-p094Same-site.PNG Further, these sides have employed music in a variety of ways, from simple forms of calls and tunes to announce the end or start of a turn or the sighting of an enemy or friendly unit, to complex magical light and sound shows to accompany and enhance mass dance-fighting maneuvers.

In Dance-fighting

Music can play a role in coordinating troops in battle during dance-fighting. For instance, in the Battle for Gobwin Knob, units that were engaged in dance-fighting either performed their own songs, as in the case of TransylvitoErf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG, or music was generated magically, as was the case when Charlie's Archons created a beat for the Royal Crown Coalition forces to follow in the courtyard of Gobwin Knob.Erf-b1-p128Same-site.PNG

Lord Stanley can also generate music using the Arkenhammer to aid in dance-fighting. Called "Rocking Out," the Arkenhammer creates a supporting drum beat, backing guitars and a full Rock light show to accompany the user's virtual guitar solo, which is played on the Arkentool itself. Erf-b1.5-p035Same-site.PNG This tactic was used by Stanley to aid his knights in fighting Transylvito.Erf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG Stanley claims that the Rock created by the Arkenhammer is of Titanic origin, and suggests that employing it is better than regular dance-fighting.

In Other Forms of Magic

Music can be a factor, and potentially a catalyst, in different forms of magic. Prince Tramennis noted that music has a strong relationship to Rhyme-o-mancy, both natural and otherwise, but it seems to transcend that relationship.LIAB Text 15 A song and the music from an stringed musical instrument called a chillaxe were also the catalyst for a Flower Power incantation in the Battle of Kiloton.IPTSF Text 12 Jack has been shown to generate music via Foolamancy, as he did during a celebration at Gobwin Knob.TBFGK Epilogue 7 Thus, it appears up to this point that music is a highly versatile and powerful tool that can be bent to many different types of magical practices.


Battle Songs of the Battle for Gobwin Knob

The following are excerpts from battle songs performed during the Battle for Gobwin Knob. These songs may or may not have been composed specifically for the conflict, but represent the types of music that units on the various sides found useful either in dance-fighting, or simply to boost morale.

Excerpt from an untitled Transylvitian dancefighting songErf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG
performed a cappella with snapping fingers used for rhythm
TBFGK 111.jpg

When you're a bat,
you're a bat all the way!
From you first startin' stat,
til the turn you decay!
Da DOO da-doo-dooooo...
Da DOO da-doo-doo doo DOOooooo...

Excerpt from an untitled, anti-Jetstone song from Gobwin KnobErf-b1-p101Same-site.PNG
Possibly written by Parson Gotti
TBFGK 101.jpg

Oh the mighty men of Jetstone,
Their testes have not yet grown!
Their king stays home and gets stoned,
While the prince goes out and gets pwned!

And the men from Transylvito
Are hung just like mosquitos!
To protect their little egos
They put burritos in their Speedos!

Excerpt from an untitled, celebratory song from the Royal Crown Coalition campErf-b1-p052Same-site.PNG
TBFGK 52.jpg


Excerpt from an untitled Gobwin Knob dancefighting songErf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG
performed by Stanley in a call and answer with his Knights with

accompaniment from the Arkenhammer (Knights responses shown
in parentheses)

TBFGK 111.jpg

Stand up!
You don't have to be afraid!
(Yes, Tool!)
How do I love it?
(I love it LOUD!)
Your lightning's all I need.

Battle Songs of the Goodminton-Haffaton Conflict

Chorus from a "bawdy" trail Rhyme-o-mancy song of GoodmintonIPTSF Text 5
performed by Wanda and Tommy Firebaugh

Around the world, I seen the girls
Who offered me their rump,
I’ve hobbled a Gobwin and spoiled a Goyle,
And even deflowered a Gump.

I’ve tapped a Twoll in the honey hole,
But nothin’ can compare
To a Bawdy Elf what gives herself
Widd’er ankles in the air!
Her ankles in the air!

Excerpt from a Hippiemancy song of Haffaton at the Battle of Kiloton with chillaxe accompanimentIPTSF Text 12
performed by Olive Branch

You're marchin' off to war - man you don't wanna go,
You ask your Chief "Please?" but he still says "No!"
You missed two battles and broke the One Rule.
And your warlord leads the army like you're some kinda tool!

You gotta fight!
For your right!
To paaaarley!

Transylvitian Folk Music

The following is a list of known folk songs of Transylvito.Erf-b1.5-p015Same-site.PNG

  • Little Darlin'
  • Sh-Boom
  • Come and Go With Me
  • Erf Angel

Other Songs Heard in Erfworld

Excerpt from a song overheard in the Glade of the HippiemancersErf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG
TBFGK 11-2.jpg

It's blowin' peace and freedom!
It's blowin' equaliteee!

Real World References

The Transylvitian dancefighting song is a modified version of the Jet's theme song and the song "Cool" from the musical "West Side Story".

The lyrics to the song overheard in the Glade of the Hippiemancers are from the song "A Mighty Wind" from the movie of the same name which is a mockumentary about folk music.

The song being played in the Royal Crown Coalition war camp is the Ewok Celebration song from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.[2]

The song performed by Stanley and his Knights is a conflation (with some ad lib) of the lyrics from KISS's "I Love it Loud" and "Shock Me."

The song performed by Dame Olive Branch of Haffaton at the Battle of Kiloton is a parody of the Beastie Boys' (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)!


  1. ^  In the original panel, the second, third and forth words of the second line of the song are obscured. The version that is listed here has reconstructed those missing words (shown in italics) based on the Real World source of the song (in native Ewok).