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Motion is one of the three Elements of Magic, along with Life and Matter

Life Motion Matter Class Erf Fate Numbers
Motion Spookism Turnamancy Dollamancy Weirdomancy
Life Motion Eyemancy Lookamancy Thinkamancy Foolamancy
Motion Matter Naughtymancy Shockmancy Croakamancy Retconjuration
Life Motion Matter Stagemancy Hat Magic Carnymancy Rhyme-o-mancy

It is the sole element of Spookism, and also influences Eyemancy, Naughtymancy, and Stagemancy.

Proposed Canon

Motion revolves around movement and motivation.


Element Summary

Where Life is vital and evolving and Matter deals with innate properties, Motion is just what it says on the tin. It is the element of change, of movement alone. When used alone on the Fate axis, it allows for items to be imbued with a purpose: it allows for Stuff to be greater than the sum of its parts. If Matter is added, people can be torn apart, their lifeless bodies given new purpose or the very events of the world can be rewritten. Alone with Numbers, it can change one property of an object into another. On the Erf axis, it moves in broad strokes, making items work themselves, moving a unit from one Side to another, even moving time itself via Turn order.

Motion may refer to change, with the impact that:

Turnamancy changes turn order or duration, unit (or city) production rate, and side loyalty;

Dollamancy changes Loyalty (through raiments), creates items that change stats, and changes inert materials into animated units.

Foolamancy changes perceived unit information and Stats,

Thinkamancy changes unit loyalty and knowledge,

Lookamancy changes knowledge of hex location,

Shockamancy changes unit hits,

Croakamancy changes croaked units back into active ones, and

Retconjuration changes the rules themselves.

However Changemancy not being in this element poses a problem, unless it only changes matter into other matter.