Mootaur Bike

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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by Charles.
Mootaur Bike
Class: Mount
Move: 20
Hits: 2
Combat: 2
Defense: 1
Special: Farming, Mount, Tow


A Mootaur Bike is a non-humanoid, Mount Unit with reasonable land moove but generally terrible stats that make them incredibly unsuitable for combat. They are more commonly produced to harvest them for food that pays the upkeep of troops, simply produce upkeep for troops or moove equipment and units behind battle lines. Mootaur Bikes are white with black spots or splotches, have two wheels held each between the back and front legs and horns that sweep backwards which are often held like reins.

Mootaur Bikes can be mounted by up to two regular units with no cost to moove, tow light equipment at half moove or heavy equipment at quarter moove. Multiple Mootaur Bikes can be used to tow even larger items or regular items at greater speed. Commonly, Mootaur Bikes have carts fabricated for one or two of them to tow together, filled with provisions to feed a larger but slower mooving army column, a heavy unit or up to six regular units per Mootaur Bike, depending on the size of the cart.

Mootaur Bikes have the Farming special which means they reduce upkeep costs for all units in the same hex by an amount equal to five times their unused moove and incur no upkeep, provided they end their turn in a hex that contains vegetation. A Mootaur Bike which ends turn in a hex containing no vegetation will incur upkeep or be disbanded. Mootaurs can also be harvested for a surprising amount of upkeep

Mootaur Bikes can be popped by any level city with an attached farm belonging to a side that can pop them. Untamed units are also commonly found in open, grassy hexes and are capable of being tamed or captured.

Real World References

Mootaur Bikes reference regular cows of Stupidworld, motor bikes and the Minotaur.