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Race: Men
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Caster (Lookamancer)


Proposed Canon


Strengths: Good Temperament

Weaknesses: Physical Health

First Appearance: TBFGK 24

Misty was a Lookamancer in service to Stanley the Tool.


Misty the Lookamancer was part of a group of three linked casters, along with a Foolamancer (Jack Snipe) and a Thinkamancer (Maggie). This combination was used by Stanley as an command-and-control center: The Lookamancer determined the identities and positions of units on the battlefield; the Foolamancer presented this information in a readily understood display; and the Thinkamancer relayed reports and orders.

While in the Caster Link she helped create the Eyebooks and the Eyemancer Table. Her personal Signamancy had Ashen skin, possibly from the ongoing strain of the caster link.


One night, Parson Gotti entered the situation room after thinking of a plan that might possibly salvage Gobwin Knob's desperate situation. He found Misty awake and able to interact with him as an individual. She explained to him that his original idea for an "exploitable mechanic" (having units use leftover move from the previous turn to redeploy at night, before the new turn began) would not work. After a brief outburst of frustration, Parson apologized for disturbing her, and told her to go back to sleep. Instead, she insisted on remaining and helping him work on a new attack plan.

What Parson did not realize at the time was that dealing with a linked caster as an individual risked breaking the link, with potentially dire consequences. The link survived Misty's conversation with Parson, but later was broken by Stanley so that he could take the Foolamancer with him as he fled Gobwin Knob. The severing of the link proved fatal to Misty.

Misty's portrait hangs in the portal room of Spacerock after Gobwin Knob conquers the city, thereby redoing the city's livery.


Parson ensured Misty was buried. It is unknown if this counts as claiming the body, as far as croaking/unpopping mechanics are concerned.

Real World References

  • The lyrics to "Misty," a classic song popularized by singer Johnny Mathis, begins with the line "Look at me."