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Proposed Canon

Mercenaries in Erfworld are formal sides or Barbarian units that ally with other sides and fight for them in return for Shmuckers.TBFGK 82

Most, if not all, Barbarians are by necessity Mercenaries in order to earn their Upkeep.

A hiring side isn't able to tell directly upon first meeting a Mercenary group whether they are a Barbarian or part of a side. They have to gauge the size and strength of the force at the Mercenary's disposal.Text 28

Sides typically hire Mercenaries to fill deficiencies in their own forces. In the third war between the So-be-it Union and Bullyclub, Lord Crush hired Jillian for her Air Power's ability to attack and raze multiple cities quickly.WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 5

Known Mercenary sides

Known Mercenary Warlords