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Makaleka, Fashion Maggie
Race: Doll (Hide Golem)
Faction: Charlescomm (formerly Transylvito)

Proposed Canon

First appearance: Hvs.tCF 148

Makaleka is a doll (specifically a hide golem) created by Bill; technically she has no name of her own, but Jed calls her "Makaleka", and Bill calls her "Fashion Maggie".

Makaleka is a "special" doll, which "thinks that it thinks," but only while the Dollamancer lives.Erf-b3-p179Same-site.PNG She is not the first such unit created by Bill; approximately 7000 turns ago, Bill created a similar doll with Bunny. Revealing this to the Great Minds led to Bunny being declared Bad.

Bill created her using fragments of his ownErf-b3-p179Same-site.PNG and Maggie's g-strings,Erf-b3-p148Same-site.PNG which initially gave the doll and Maggie a shared tactile sense. Over time, Maggie was able to refine the connection between herself and Makaleka, granting herself the ability to hear what Makaleka hears, and a sense of light and dark; Bunny refined this even further, granting improved vision.Erf-b3-p178Same-site.PNG

Bunny utilized Makaleka as an intermediary to negotiate with Maggie, granting Maggie "praxy" (gross motor control) and "dextry" (motor control fine enough for writing) over Makaleka.Erf-b3-p179Same-site.PNG

Maggie was able to use a residual drop of juice in the strings that bind her to Makaleka to send the command word "call". Jed received this, and responded,Erf-b3-p179Same-site.PNG with the use of stolen juice.Erf-b3-p299Same-site.PNG

Under Maggie's control, Makaleka unlocked a door, issued orders to at least 5 non-speaking Transylvitian units (a moll, a doll, and 3 bats), and unlocked a cell.Erf-b3-p191Same-site.PNG

Makaleka commanded two other Transylvitian dolls to execute Roger Victor Clarence while Roger was linked with Parson, but not before Roger was able to complete the casting of the Dismiss Perfect Warlord scroll.Erf-b3-p295Same-site.PNG

Makaleka was forcefully turned to Charlescomm along with the other Transylvitian golems.Erf-b3-p308Same-site.PNG


It's believed that Maxwell created similar dolls/golems (ones which think that they think, but only while Maxwell lives) in Haffaton, many thousandturns ago.Erf-b3-p279Same-site.PNG

It's unclear whether Makaleka ordered the guardian dolls to kill Roger on Jed's behalf, or on her own.