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Lord Maglite
Race: Men
Faction: Firstpost
Class: Ruler (Overlord)
Special: Leadership

Proposed Canon

Lord Maglite is the ruler of the side of Bullyclub.

He made a deal with King Scrofula to betray and conquer the So-be-it Union. Lord Crush suspected that he was only playing King Scrofula, and eventually persuaded Squashcourt to betray Bullyclub first.


King Scrofula

At some point these two enemies started talking, and Scrofula grew to consider Lord Maglite a friend. This trust was such that he didn't think Maglite might betray him, or he quelled the fear out of pride at making a mistake in judging his character. It's interesting that even after the Union crushed Bullyclub, he advocated for Maglite successfully enough to allow him entry into the Union. Whether out of continued friendship or forgiveness is hard to say.

Preceded by:
Ruler of Bullyclub Succeeded by:
None, incumbent