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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official.


Lolcat is a feline themed Side of Erfworld. It is ruled by The Ceiling Cat. Sentient units of Lolcat tend to speak in a unique form of broken Language, which they call "Lolspeak". The use of Lolspeak is a constant cause of tension between Lolcat and their neighboring sides, who find it really annoying. For the most part Lolcat is unconcerned with battles; they succeeded in defeating the Faildog tribes during the Flame Wars, and since then have lived in prosperity and with all the shiny they could need. They do rely on other sides for food, however; this can annoy sides whose turns are interrupted by Lolcat ambassadors reporting their hungrees.


The name of Lolcat's capital is Cheezburg.

Other known cities

  • iz mah house!
  • Nekotown
  • Iminur

Significant Characters

  • Ceiling Cat - ruler- Ceiling Cat is a reclusive leader, who resides in an extraplanar pocket above Cheezburg. It's unclear whether this personal universe is the result of a spell or an artifact, though many believe it to be the result of the city of Cheezburg being created by a Titan dropping his tools, thus leading to poor workmanship and exploitable mechanics. Ceiling Cat rarely contacts his people, except to check if they're ok or to remind them that he is always watching.
  • Basement Cat - chief warlord
  • Longcat Prime- The first chief warlord of the Lolcats, Longcat Prime was defeated in the Flame Wars when the last remaining Faildogs desperately allied with Tacgnol. Though the warlord fell, the battle was won by Basement Cat and his stack of Serious Cats, leading to his promotion to chief warlord in Longcat Prime's stead. Longcat Prime was white and ranged from eighty to seven hundred feet tall, and pioneered the tactic of stretching over the tops of city walls and attacking the tops while the much smaller kittehs would swarm over his shoulders and outstretched forelimbs to attack the defenders.

Longcat Prime is immortalised in the main courtyard of Cheezburg, outside the Grand Hall of the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh

  • Tacgnol- Black furred, arms outstretched and eyes aglow, Tacgnol was the mortal enemy of all Katz, seeking to take Cheezburg for himself and then pluck Ceiling Cat from his extraplanar throne. During the chaotic and outright stoopid events of the Flame Wars, Tacgnol allied with a desperate coalition of Faildogs to try and defeat Tacgnol's nemesis, Longcat Prime. While Tacgnol was ultimately successful in this goal, he was banished to Obscurity by Basement Cat and a band of Serious Cats.


  • Katz- For the most part self-absorbed or distracted by shiny, Katz units make up the majority of the Lolcat factions population, are capable of incredibly cunning and merciless attacks. Even the lowest Kitteh is capable of orchestrating ambushes or creating traps to eliminate much larger Faildogs. The units popped in the capital of Cheezburg are noted for their morale boosting effects in a stack; every Katz wants a Cheezburg native in their stack.
  • Serious Cats- When the Lolcat state is under attack, High level Katz get serious. Serious Cats are just that- friggin' serious. They don't mess about, they just go straight into battle and fight till one side is dead. Many Lolcat casters are naturally Serious, due to the Serious nature of studying magic. The only exceptions are Foolamancers, of which Lolcat has many at a low level; they generally busy themselves by making random objects disappear and playing practical jokes on the few surviving Faildogs.
  • Katgrlz- Thought to have been destroyed during the Flame Wars by the Nitpicker tribes, a few Katgrlz tribes have become natural allies to the lolcats, even though the two sides have little in common other than their feline natures. They resemble lithe women with cat ears and tail, and are usually ambassadors for the Lolcats due to their ability to speak Language fluently. This is why it's not uncommon to find Katgrlz in the cities of Fanfic or Cheesecake.
  • Teh Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh- The ruling council of Lolcats, answerable only to Ceiling Cat himself. While much smaller and physically weaker than other Katz units, the Committeh have wisdom and intellect that far outweighs their stature. The Council rules from the Grand Hall in Cheeseburg, which is filled with the capitals finest shiny and fluffy balls with bells in.
  • Longcats- While the original Longcat Prime was defeated by his archenemy Tacgnol during the Flame Wars, his stretched progeny survives to this day. Longcats are mainly siege units; their elastic bodies can easily scale above any wall, while their natural outstretched forelimbs can latch onto the wall and begin to pull it down. The sight of a lumbering Longcat entering the hex has struck fear into many a defenders heart.
  • Monorail cats- Transporter units that resemble flat limbless floating cats, ranging from mount size to galleon size depending on level.
  • Iz-Haz Cats - Not so much casters as inherently magical, these cats naturally channel a brand of magic known as Hazamancy. It is a surprisingly versatile style of magic; even its basic cantrips can be used to create Invisible Thingz, such as Invisible Bikes for transport.