Lloyd Elliott

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Lloyd Elliott
Race: Men
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Caster (Dittomancy)
Level: < 7

Proposed Canon

Strengths: Duplicating units, duplicating the attacks of others, duplicating units, duplicating the attacks of others.

Weaknesses: Repeating himself, saying things twice

First Appearance: LIAB 7

Elliott is a Dittomancer in the service of Jetstone.

Along with Ace Hardware and Pierce, Elliott was sent to defend the hex on Jetstone's side of the Expository Bridge.

Elliott is referred to as "Dittomancer Lloyd" in LIAB_Text_41. It has been confirmed that his first name is Lloyd, and his last name is Elliott. LIAB 88:10

His room in the palace is full of "double" objects, such as a double bass, double-ply toilet paper, and Doublemint Gum.


If signamancy is anything to go by, he has been in service to his side for about as many turns as Slately has ruled. His appearance is a bald, wizened (possibly going blind) male.

It's possible that Lloyd also has some skill at rhyme-o-mancy. The evidence for this is that when not repeating himself, he'll cast spells in couplets. Also, this would mean he's dual-classed, fitting for a dittomancer.

It may or may not be significant, but both Elliott's first at last name both have repeating/duplicate L's in them and his last/second name (Elliott) has two sets of duplicate letters. These duplicate letters may be common to all Dittomancers, or may simply be coincidence and unique to Lloyd.

Lloyd's statement, "Double 'em! I'll quadruple 'em." may indicate that he is Adept Level, but has not achieved Master Level. A Novice would be unlikely to be able to quadruple attacks, and, if he had been a Master, he would likely have been able to multiply attacks at a greater magnitude (such as octupling them), provided he had sufficient juice to power the spell.

Real World References

Elliott's character design appears to be a reference to the Deadly Duplicator, a villain from the Birdman universe who had the power to duplicate things with his glasses. The name "Elliott" would then be a reference to Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, in which the Deadly Duplicator is given the alter ego "Professor Elliott Taggart".

His staff bears a © (copyright) symbol to support the fact that he has the right to copy.