List of known treasury values

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This page summates what known values of treasuries of what sides at what turns were.

Turns are specified according to the Timeline of Erfworld. Values are in shmuckers.

When adding an item make sure to leave a reference or a note that the value is calculated based on other data.

Gobwin Knob

  • turn 90 AW: 2,352,240 (prior to Lilith's violations, calculated)
  • turn 90 AW: 1,176,120 (after Lilith croaking Belle, calculated)
  • turn 90 AW: 588,060 (after Lilith croaking Fifinella, calculated)
  • turn 90 AW: 88,060 Hvs.tCF 116, plus a gem hoard of 100,500 (after Lilith croaking 3rd unknown Archon)
  • turn 90 AW: 40,088,060 Hvs.tCF 122 (after tripod fire through the portal)
  • turn 90 AW: 35,088,060 (after Parson Gotti turning back to Gobwin Knob)
  • turn 90 AW: 30,088,060 Hvs.tCF 141 (after the battle, all the payments during it could have only been multiples of 5M max cap)
  • turn 96 AW: 29,974,905 Hvs.tCF 242 (before Claud Gauntlet's tar trap on the action figure)
  • turn 96 AW: 24,974,905 (after)


  • turn 90 AW: 168,774,151 (prior to Lilith's violations, calculated)
  • turn 90 AW: 166,509,971 Hvs.tCF 107, plus a gem hoard of 530,454,000 (after Lilith's first 3 violations)
  • turn 90 AW: 136,509,971 (after the battle, calculated)