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Inspired by the Wikipedia article of the same name and the xkcd comic that described it, this is an incomplete list, not intended to be exhaustive, that corrects erroneous beliefs that are currently widely held about notable Erfworld topics. Although Erfworld misconceptions and corresponding facts have not been discussed in published literature, added misconceptions should include links to the comic that disprove the misconceptions.

Previously the article had entries formatted as corrections, implying rather than stating misconceptions, but this has been deemed too confusing. Therefore, each misconception should be clearly stated, followed by the correction and evidence.


Misconception: Parson Gotti is still bound by the Erfworld filter and can only say boop.

Correction: Parson Gotti has been able to swear since the last page of Book 1.


Misconception: Roger Victor Clarence was the highest ranking Archon ever to leave Charlescomm.

Correction: Antium was talking about Bonnie. Roger was shown because he's the one who could respond to negotiations conducted by Bonnie.


  • Hvs.tCF 163: The second to last panel involves a conversation between Antium and Bonnie wherein the latter is the last one to speak.
  • Antium is therefore responding, and the only one speaking in the last panel since all three boxes are connected by the single pair of quotes. The first box is the reason Roger Victor Clarence is shown, not the last box.

Misconception: Parson Gotti stayed in Erfworld because he considers it his home.

Correction: Parson Gotti was pulled back to Erfworld by Jed the Head.


Misconception: Jack and Maggie received castable juice from Jed.

Correction: Jack and Maggie did not get their juice refilled by Jed on the turn that Parson was launched and pulled back down.


  • Hvs.tCF 294: Jed is able to supply Maggie with just enough stolen juice to perform basic internal Thinkamancy, but she has to use it immediately, as it trickles in. She cannot store it. She also has to be touching Makaleka. There is no evidence at all that Jack has received even this much juice, as Jed doesn't have a paternal connection to Jack the way he does with Maggie, nor is there a Fashion Jack doll (so far as we know) for the juice to be channeled through.


Misconception: Breaking the collar of a portal allows non-caster units to use the portal.

Correction: Breaking a portal collar does not allow non-caster units to traverse the portal into the Magic Kingdom. The only known effect of breaking a portal collar is the projection of portal shards onto the surrounding bedrock.


Misconception: Saying ‘Rubicon’ lets the speaker or Bill control nearby Transylvito Dollamancy units.

Correction: The Rubicon password does not put units under the speaker's direct control, and definitely not under Bill's control. It could be as simple as waking up Don King.


  • Hvs.tCF 160: Don King gave the password to Vanna specifically to ensure her safety from Bill. In doing so, he gave her no instructions about controlling the molls.
  • Hvs.tCF 186: Vanna tells Charlie she thinks it woke up Don King and “put the doll units that heard it under his direct control," whatever that means in game-mechanic terms.
  • Hvs.tCF 191: Bunny Velvetino reviews what the Makaleka has done and thinks to herself that Vanna’s use of the safe word had woken up Don King, who put the palace on lockdown, waking everyone else.

Misconception: Only casters have and can use juice.

Correction: Juice is not caster-specific, because silent orders and pinkie swears require juice and warlords often perform both.


Common Misspellings

Misspelling: Shockamancy
Correction: Shockmancy is the correct spelling of the Naughtymancy discipline aligned with the Erf axis, with only a single ‘a’ in the word.

Misspelling: Date-amancy, Dateamancy, or Datamancy
Correction: Date-a-mancy is the correct spelling of the Hippiemancy discipline aligned with the Numbers axis, with two hyphens.

Misspelling: Schmucker
Correction: Shmucker is the correct spelling of the intangible currency of Erfworld, with only one 'c'.

Misspelling: Claude
Correction: Claud Gauntlet is the Decrypted Dollamancer's name. There is no 'e' in his first name.