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Proposed Canon

The inhabitants of Erfworld do not reproduce in the usual real-world manner; instead, they pop into being as fully-formed adults. Thus, terms that correspond to real-world family relationships have different meanings in Erfworld.

For example, when Jillian describes King Banhammer as her "father," she is referring to the fact that Banhammer ordered her (Jillian) popped as a royal heir to his throne.Erf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG Similarly, descriptions of current royal rulers as being "descended" from the original rulers selected by the Titans refer to the (actual or presumed) existence of a chain of royal heirs linking the original royals to the current ones.Erf-b1-p079aSame-site.PNG Erf-b1-p091Same-site.PNG


It may be that, just as a Ruler can influence the raiment, royalty or nobility and class of the unit to be popped in their capital, they can also control other aspects of the unit popping process. Just like a caster can shape the look and feel of a golem, it is possible that a ruler can, perhaps subconsciously, imbue a unit that is supposed to be part of their lineage with certain innate personality or physical traits like skin tone, arrogance (a trait seemingly shared by all of the members of the Jetstone royalty), and difficulty with interpersonal relationships (shared by Jillian and her father, King Banhammer, as evidenced by their inability to deal with each other). This passing on of traits from one generation to the next could be a subtle aspect of lineage that goes beyond the simple, hierarchical definition that forms the basis of Royalist thinking.