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Race: Decrypted (Men)
Faction: Gobwin Knob (formerly Charlescomm)
Class: Archon
Special: Flight, Foolamancy, Shockmancy, Thinkamancy, Leadership

Proposed Canon

Strengths: Determination, Improvisation, Snarkiness

Weaknesses: Conflicted Loyalty, Keeps Getting Captured

First Appearance: Possibly LIAB 74

Lilith is an Archon, formerly in service to Charlescomm. She was Decrypted in the aftermath of the Battle for Gobwin Knob. Unlike even the other decrypted archons, Lilith claims to have no love for Charlie.


Charlie used to characterize her "angry/funny Lilith, his beautiful pet adder".Hvs.tCF 144

Book 2

During the Siege of Spacerock, she came to be Gobwin Knob's sole surviving archon, and was captured by Ace Hardware of Jetstone for a bounty posted by her ex-boss, Charlie.

When King Slately jubilantly explained Jetstone's latest victory to Tramennis, she gloated that the real Slately had been croaked, and revealed that the current Slately was just a Ditto.

She was left a carefully guarded prisoner in a Jetstone camp, so that they could make the delivery to Charlescomm. Wanda was able to reveal her state to Parson by looking through Lilith's eyes via the Archon's natural Thinkamancy.

Book 3

When Charlie's archons arrived to accept the prisoner, King Tramennis offered her the chance to turn to Jetstone instead. She decided to accept, unless Charlescomm agreed to pay both Jetstone and Gobwin Knob 75,000 shmuckers each. Charlie reluctantly agreed.

After an unpleasant journey to the city of Charlescomm, Lilith was strapped to an operating table. Charlie had Fifinella press his hand physically upon her head to enter her Thinkspace, and the Battle for Castle Lilith began.

Lilith held out against Charlie's psychic attack for over 2 hours, until he started applying Croakamancy related principles to his Thinkamancy in order to turn Lilith's own mental defences against her. But just as he managed to breach the final defences protecting the core of her consciousness, Wanda and Maggie used a caster link to intervene. They managed to pull much of Lilith's mind back together, repatriate her, and get her back into the fight. But just as she aimed her gun at Charlie to get revenge, Wanda argued with Maggie against it, with the distraction proving enough for Charlie to get away.

Wandering Comm Tower's halls, she resolved to fight to the end and take as many Charlescomm units with her as she could, being unaware that her actions were causing the Declaration of Non-Aggression Between Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob to deplete Gobwin Knob's treasury.

Fortunately for Gobwin Knob, Lilith decided to discuss the situation with Parson via Thinkagram and received new orders: to get as many salvaged Archon corpses and advanced weapons through the portal as possible without engaging Charlescomm units. When cornered by Charlie's Archons on the way to the portal room, she attempted to talk her way out by trying to reveal the truth about Charlie, but was overwhelmed by a Thinkamancy DoS attack from Charlie himself.

In the resulting confusion, she lost the bodies she was carrying, but kept the weapons and was able to escape into the interstitial passages of Comm Tower. From there, she fired an RPG shot at a junction of power lines through which she hoped to get to the portal room on level 40. The shot brought down the city's power supply, cutting Charlie off from the Arkendish, but also caused an explosion in the portal room, with a stream of debris pouring out of the Charlescomm portal into the Magic Kingdom.

For a while, Lilith lingered in the depowered Charlescomm portal room, with both her and Charlie's Archons forbidden from engaging each other under truce. The events took a new turn when Parson himself came out of the portal — as a Charlescomm unit, but disguised by Jack to appear as a Gobwin Knob unit. The Archons opened fire by reflex, and Lilith pushed Parson out of the line of fire and back into the portal — and unexpectedly passed through to the Magic Kingdom herself, despite Archons being supposedly unable to enter portals.

On Charlie's orders, his Archons on level 40 pursued Parson through the portal, starting a battle in the Magic Kingdom itself. Lilith flew up to screen Parson and croaked one of the veiled Archons, but herself was incapacitated and captured by free casters in the aftermath of the battle — along with Wanda, Shawn Bawn, Artemis, and the newly Decrypted Sandy and Raven. She later testified at Wanda's trial, stating that the conflict in the Magic Kingdom began in Charlescomm as Charlie attempted to turn her in violation of the truce with Gobwin Knob.



Charlie viewed Lilith's decryption as corruption, and justified capturing and experimenting on her as an attempt to "retrieve her heart from the grip of the Arkenpliers, or at worst to destroy this false copy of what she had been".Hvs.tCF 144

Lilith's love for Charlie was completely destroyed by her decryption, unlike other Decrypted Archons, alongside all traces of her former connection to the Arkendish. Upon seeing Charlie in person, and being exposed to his attempt to realign her mind, she proclaimed hate for him, claiming that no one who saw him could love him.Hvs.tCF 93

Parson Gotti

Of all the Decrypted Archons, Lilith seems to have developed the highest personal Loyalty to Parson, to the point of telling on her Mistress Wanda to Parson, unexpectedly even to herselfHvs.tCF 102, and has risked her life twice to screen him from bullets, ending up incapacitated.Hvs.tCF 121 Hvs.tCF 130

Real World References

Lilith is an ancient mythological figure, a demon, and potentially a succubus. She is the mother of the demons known as lilin, and in some versions of the story of the Garden of Eden, she was Adam's first wife.

Given all the Charlie references and his attempts to figure out why she no longer loves him, Lilith is also a shoe-in for the Little Red-Haired Girl, who symbolizes unrequited love.