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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 8
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Panel 1

Against a backdrop of snow-capped Minty Mountains, we see the new Gobwin Knob in its entirety. The structure of the city is a series of grey rectangles. The Garrison is square, with four grey towers at its corners. It is seven stories tall. The rear wall hosts the new Tower of Efdup in its center. The tower is rectangular and plain, sporting no windows, and is roughly twice the height of the Garrison walls. It is topped with a pagoda-like structure. The city surrounds three sides of the Garrison, its grounds filled with asian-style buildings, grey streets and spots of green grass.

One side of the garrison does not face the city; a low wall stretches out in both directions, separating the city from a short green ledge and a steep drop into the lava lake that is the now permanently active volcano. Its dark red surface is split by gashed and pockets of bright yellow, and it lights the entire cliff face.

The city walls stretch around the other three sides of the city, and on the side opposite the Tower is the new main gate; its series of overlapping towers are topped with thick crenellations to protect its defensive catapults.

Narrator: It's the little things which make a difference sometimes.



Written by Rob Balder

Illustrated by Xin Ye

Panel 2

Stanley the Tool stands defiantly, one foot on a crenellation, fist clenched, Arkenhammer in hand, cape waving majestically as he furrows his brow and grits his teeth.[edit]
Narrator: Stanley, for example. [edit]

Panel 3

Stanley walks away from the wall and through a doorway into the Tower of Efdup, between two Decrypted pikers, a grey-haired man with a belly and a somewhat fitter looking woman with short brown hair. They wear Wanda Firebaugh's livery: a black breastplate bearing a white skull with a pink flower on its upper left forehead over a red shirt, matching black boots and bracers and pale brown/dark pink pants. (What the boop color is that? Mauve? Puce? It's puce, isn't it?)[edit]
Narrator: As a Tool of the Titans, Stanley's life is a grand and holy quest. [edit]

Panel 4

Eyes narrow, jaw clenched, Stanley trudges past a hobgobwin piker into his new office. The hobgobwin's yellow skin is offset by black pants and red-and-gold greaves and pauldrons. The doorway is innately decorated silver-on-red with a gold dwagon and a bright white light near the top of each side. Inside the room are thick red columns set with one light each and with great golden dwagons snaking around them. On the wall behind are draped half-loops of red curtains over well-lit paintings.[edit]
Narrator: But as an Overlord, life is more the awful, crushing burden of power and greatness. [edit]

Panel 5

We see much of the new planning room. It is dominated by a large red table featuring a hex grid. On it are green, orange, blue, and pink specks. The table straddles a long, wide red carpet that stretches from one end of the room to the fireplace-looking entrance of gold-and-red double doors on the far wall. There are at least three large columns on each side of the room. Between the nearer two on each side is a red table with six chairs, and two more set just aside. Straddling the far column on each side is an L-shaped black rug, with a red couch on two sides facing each other, and a scattering of red cushions in the center. In the far corner is a huge wall hanging with the stylized image of Stanley the Tool over a star and several red rays. On the side wall, between the columns are two large red cabinets, flanked by potted plants.[2] Behind and above each is a painting surrounded by red curtains. Another such painting is in the corner, beyond the last pillar, near the wall hanging. There is no cabinet by it.

Stanley, standing on a box, peers over the table. The Arkenhammer leans on the table beside him. On his other side is Maggie, hand to temple.

Narrator: And as a man with certain...

cognitive limitations...

Life is like buying a spell to summon the perfect warlord, but refusing to pay for the support plan.

Panel 6

Parson Gotti, looking serene and noticeably slimmer than he appeared in Book 1, enters through the wide-open gilded red doors. Just outside we see the arm of a hobgobwin.[edit]

Narrator: You never know what you're gonna get.

Parson: Wussup, Tool?

Panel 7

In the background we see a number of paintings and red drapes. Stanley, wearing a grey tee shirt and red cape, has both hands on the planning table. He is not happy. Maggie stands expressionlessly next to him, wearing a purple blouse, golden triangle necklace, and black lapelled coat, two fingers of her right hand held to her temple.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: You're late, Hamster.

You're always late!

Ansom's already talking to Prince Ossomer.

Panel 8

Over Parson's shoulder we see Maggie and Stanley at the table. His arms crossed, Stanley scowls. Behind them we see the rest of the room: two thin black rugs and then the room takes on a sort of tiered zig zag or stepped pyramid floorplan quite contrary to the rest of the room; there is a painting on each of the 4 walls in the small corners made by this pattern, and two or more paintings on the flat, longer walls where the main part of the room begins. In the center, beyond the two nooks (each of which features a smaller red pillar) we see that the great red carpet does not end in another entrance: possibly a window or another painting, but not a door.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Mmkay.

Battle hasn't started yet, right?

Stanley the Tool: It will any moment!

Parson Gotti: Hey Maggie.

Maggie: Mmf.

Oh dear.

Title: Issue 1: Meet The Jetstones[3]


  1. ^ "Love Is A Battlefield" is the title of a song written for Pat Benatar by Holly Knight and Mike Chapman.
  2. ^ Two of the plants resemble the beanstalk and fire flower from the Mario series of games.
  3. ^ A reference to the line "Meet the Flintstones" from the Flintstones theme song.