Lex Doothis

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Lex Doothis
Race: Men (assumed)
Faction: unknown, then Haffaton
Class: Warlord
Rank and Titles: Overlord of Haffaton

Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: IPTSF Text 66

Lex Doothis was the founder and first Overlord of Haffaton. An adventurous warlord, he crossed an Ocean before finding and conquering Level 2 Barbarian City at a Capital Site. He established Haffaton upon that spot.

Under Lex's leadership, Haffaton slowly grew. Its conquest was briefly brought to a halt by a conflict with a pair of allied sides known as Easteros and Westeregg. Charlie, the ruler of a side called el-Efbaum, who had fought a long two front war with them offered alliance with Haffaton. By pooling Haffaton's Thinkamancer and Predictamancer with El-Efbaum's Lookamancer and Findamancer, their casters managed to produce a Summon Perfect Warlord Spell.

The spell was a success and ended in the defeat of both enemy sides. The Arkentools formerly owned by both enemy sides were split between Haffaton and el-Efbaum as per their agreement, with Haffaton receiving the Arkenshoes.

With the Arkendish under Charlie's possession, he began using caster links with his daughter, Olive Branch, discovering new ways to use her Flower Power. She discovered ways to emulate other disciplines using her own power. She eventually invented forms of mind control and used them to bring Lex Doothis under her sway. After a failed murder attempt against her father, Olive turned to Haffaton and caused Lex to wage war against her former side. She eventually betrayed and croaked Lex.

Real World References

The name is likely a play on the phrase "Let's do this," the rallying cry of many an impulsive thrill-seeker, and also the name of Superman arch-baddie Lex Luthor.

Preceded by:
None, founded Side
Ruler of Haffaton Succeeded by:
Judy Gale