LIAB Prologue 18

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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (Prologue 18)

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Turn Number:29 AW
Side's Turn:Unknown (possibly Gobwin Knob)

Turns since TBfGK: 20

CharlsNChrg: About this morning, Parson...

LordHamster: Yeah. About that.

CharlsNChrg: Is that how it's going to be?

LordHamster: For the record, I didn't order it.

LordHamster: But yeah, I think it's safe to say that anything you stick in our battlespace is going to get cut off.

LordHamster: So be careful what you're sticking, and where.

CharlsNChrg: Fair enough.

CharlsNChrg: What would it cost me for permission to pass through?

LordHamster: Dunno. That would be up to Stanley.

CharlsNChrg: Could you find out?

LordHamster: Weeeell, I'll ask heem, but I don't theenk he'll be verrah keen.[1]

CharlsNChrg: Please do.

CharlsNChrg: So, um...

LordHamster: Yes?

CharlsNChrg: Couldn't help notice a small detail about that battle.

LordHamster: I bet you couldn't.

CharlsNChrg: That was Patty, Maxene and LaVerne.

LordHamster: If you say so.

CharlsNChrg: What were they doing in that black raiment, fighting for Gobwin Knob?

LordHamster: If you read that question again, Charlie, you'll notice that it answers itself.

CharlsNChrg: Cute.

CharlsNChrg: You know what I mean.

LordHamster: I do. That's also the only answer you're getting.

LordHamster: The only free answer, anyway.

CharlsNChrg: You're a quick study.

CharlsNChrg: What will it cost me?

LordHamster: So I've been told. And how bout letting me out of the rest of that Mathamancy deal?

CharlsNChrg: Steep.

LordHamster: Maybe not. It's a pretty valuable chunk of info.

CharlsNChrg: Undoubtedly.

CharlsNChrg: Tell you what, I'll spend a calculation now.

CharlsNChrg: Tell me the odds that learning what happened to my Archons right now will be worth giving up those calculations in the future.

LordHamster: ...

LordHamster: I don't know if this thing can even DO a calculation like that. Predicting the future?

CharlsNChrg: Try it.

LordHamster: Fine.

LordHamster: I'll be damned.

LordHamster: It says there's all of a 4% chance it's worth taking my deal, even after spending this calculation.

LordHamster: 4.14 percent.

CharlsNChrg: Hm.

CharlsNChrg: That either means that I could likely find out the information through other means, or the calculations will be highly valuable.

LordHamster: I guess. Or both.

LordHamster: Deal or No Deal?[2]

CharlsNChrg: No deal.

LordHamster: Figured. Enjoy wondering.

CharlsNChrg: That was clever, though, right?

LordHamster: Sure.

LordHamster: Determining the decision not to spend all the calculations. Cost: one calculation.

CharlsNChrg: :)

LordHamster: Teaching me that my bracer can make sophisticated predictions about the future? Priceless.[3]

CharlsNChrg: ...

CharlsNChrg: :(

Real World References:

  1. ^  This is a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, delivered by a French knight to Arthur and his Knights, who are questing for the Grail. It is one of many memorable lines in exchange between the two, as the French knight taunts, aggravates, and generally thwarts Arthur.
  2. ^  Deal or No Deal is a television game show in which the contestant is given a case of money (1 of 30, chosen randomly and unopened) and is then made a series of offers for the money in his case, and must judge whether he is dealing from a position of strength or weakness, and either accept a sum of money or continue on, gambling that either the offers will rise in value (as other cases are removed and their values revealed) or his own case is more valuable.
  3. ^  MasterCard has a long-running and famous (and oft-spoofed) ad campaign in which several goods or services are valued at their rough retail price and then a final event or emotion is listed as being "priceless." (The tagline "There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard."